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Do you feel like you need more practice for your listening test?

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what will period 3 contain
Every week we will read part of the book. You will answer questions and work on assignments (discussion groups, writing assignments etc). + PTA dossier 2
part 3: oral exam about your book

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If you were a refugee...
 and you had to leave your home, your country and maybe even your family behind. You might never return and you might have to rebuild your life somewhere else, some place completely different, some place where you don’t know the people or their customs. What would you do? How would you feel?

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whats the difference

We use different words to talk about people on the move. These words all have different meanings.

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Leaves his or her country to look for protection from governments other than the government of his or her country
asylum seeker

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A person that moves from one country to another
asylum seeker

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What is refugee?

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Group 1: For Josef’s story: Adolf Hitler, Kristallnacht, Dachau, bar mitzvah,
Group 2: For Josef’s story:  minyan, yarmulke, tallisim, Führer
Group 3: For Isabel’s story: Batista, Fidel Castro, el norte, clave, mañana
Group 4: For Mahmoud’s story: Bashar al-Assad, Aleppo, Daesh
Group 5: For Mahmoud’s story: Mecca, hijab, EU (European Union)

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Did you survive the trip? Where did you end up?

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Are you prepared for your oral exam? Have you finished your book?

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- form pairs and sign up
 - think of discussion questions 
- discuss your future
- 20 min

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