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Background research
In groups find information about the political and social situation in Germany 1938-1939 Cuba 1994 and Syria 2015
 using the links given.
discuss and write down what happened at the time in Germany, Cuba and Syria
Why is there a conflict and what are the reasons for this conflict

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Syria 2015

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Chapter 9 Mahmoud
Rubble was strewn everywhere

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You have already read 9 chapters (1-9) and have now been introduced to all three characters, Josef, Isabel and Mahmoud.
Fill in the table below with similarities and differences between all 3 characters.
-Appearances/ what is the life like for the character?
-Go to chapter 3 in booklet. fill in the character comparison.
-Work quietly in pairs.
Find information from the book up until now.

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Imagine that you had to leave your home very suddenly and you only had 10 minutes to quickly pack a bag. You will not be returning to your home. What 8 things would you bring with you and why would you bring each thing?

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Why do you think the Captain appeared upset when Josef asked him if they were going full speed ahead becayse they were racing two other ships to Cuba?

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Josef had said that it was a different world below deck, a world outside of the magic bubble they lived in above deck. He felt that below decks was the real world.
What do you think he means by that?

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Isabel's grandfather thinks it was foolish of them to leave on this boat to the United States. He feels that their freedom isn't worth risking their lives over.
Do you agree or disagree?

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solemnly= in a serious manner
obscure= dubious, unclear, unknown
abduction = kidnapping
a scowl= angry bad-tempered expression
rabidly (adverb) - rabid= extreme, fanatical

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