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2 min opening - one person states the discussion question and describes why their group is for or against the statement. Logically explain why using structured argument
                                  2 min break
6 min discussion - time to discuss all of the arguments you heard in the opening statement. Make sure to let people finish talking, listen and respond to what is being said
                                  2 min break
2 min closing statement - time to conclude your arguments. Repeat the arguments that you feel were most important and that won you your case

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discussion questions
1. Discuss the reasons that Josef, Isabel, and Mahmoud’s families leave their homes. What are the situations in each of their lives that force them to flee? How are their situations similar and how are they different?

2. What is the theme of this book as expressed through the central characters? What do you feel is the most important idea in each of these stories? Provide examples in the plot of each story to support your ideas.

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discussion questions
3. Discuss the personalities of each of these young people: Josef, Isabel, and Mahmoud. In what ways do each of them have to take charge of their families’ plights at different points in their story? Describe the points at which each young person has to act as an adult.

4. How do the parents in each of these families change in the course of their journeys? Compare the fathers and mothers of Josef, Isabel, and Mahmoud, and discuss the ways that events in each story shape their responses to their situation.

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discussion questions
5. Compare the method of travel for each of these refugee families. How does Josef’s sea voyage compare to those of Isabel and Mahmoud? What is the most threatening part of each of these voyages and how do those threats create obstacles for the families as they travel?

Can you find places in your community that are helping refugees to settle into a new life? Discuss ways that you could help children that have been affected by a refugee experience become acclimated to a different country with different customs.

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je kunt dit allemaal terugvinden in

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By the end of this class you will know at least 5 new words

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giving human qualities to non-living objects

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the use of a word, phrase, sound, or line more than once

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comparison of two things using like or as

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the message about life or human nature the author shares

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