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Topic 7: Relationships

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What is the theme/message of
A boy's best friend by Paul Camp?

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Maria Goodin
Maria Goodin was born and raised in Hertfordshire. Having completed a degree in English and French in 1999, she has worked as an English Teacher, Holistic Therapist, Technical Writer.

Post-Modern Period

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What is the theme/message of Someone to Care For?

Slide 6 - Open vraag

What do you think is the best thematic link?
Some feel betrayed by the person they love and trust, while others endure everything.
Problems exist in every relatioship
Relationships are hard to understand for outsiders.
It is hard to stand up to the ones you love and have a relationship with.

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Funeral of Father by Denise King.


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What is the theme/message of
The Funeral of Father?

Slide 9 - Open vraag

American novelist (1852 - 1930) and short story writer.
Era of Realism.

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What is the theme/message of
the Cat?

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What do you think is the best Thematic link between The Funeral of Father and The Cat?
All living creatures need someone to love and trust.
All relationships have flaws.
In a relationship you can trust nobody.
Animals can always be trusted, in contrast to your own family.

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Speaking Test:
5 minutes individually:
Thematic link
Claim: are the topics and themes of the poem and short story similar or different?
2 Arguments: 1 from poem and 1 from short story.
Explanation of similarities/differences
Proof of similarities/differences
Reformulation of claim
Relevance - why does it matter?

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How to prepare for the speaking test:
1. Study all the poems and short stories, what are they about? There's no time to read them during the test.
2. Authors and literary periods, can you tell something about that?
What is the theme/message?
4. What is the thematic link?
5. How are the topic and theme of the poem and short story treated differently or similarly?
6. Explain and find proof from the poem and short story.

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5 Minutes Discussion with your partner:
1. How are the topics and themes the same or different?
Are there any similarities and how are they treated in the poems and short stories? Discuss, have interaction!
Use: do you agree? What's your opinion? In my view...
2. Do you appreciate your partners poem/short story?
Why or why not? Discuss.
3. Which poem and short story from the reader do you like most and would you recommend? Why? Discuss.

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