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Today's planning
Please turn your cameras on!!
- Homework in Teams
- Vocabulary check
- I can ask for and give my opinion, as well as recommend something. 
- Task D
- Speaking exercise

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Planning It's Learning

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First a the vocabulary check...
First a few questions ...

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doorgaan met

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Task D
I can ask for and give my opinion, as well as recommend something.

Grab your activitybook page 144

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Read the tweets

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Finish the sentence.
I would / wouldn’t like to visit Freedom Festival because ___

Slide 17 - Open vraag

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Kijk in je boek, blz. 144.
Highlight de zinnen in de tweets die uit de Stones komen. Maak een foto en lever hier in.

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Task D
Go to the Stepping Stones website or work in your activity book.
Make the exercises in Task D Theme 3 (23 and 26). 
Correct your work with the answerbook. 

Then prepare the speaking exercise. 

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Speaking exercise 27

What are your favourite and least favourite films and series?
Think about this and write down your answers below. Then have a group discussion based on what you have written down. Ask each other questions, and give each other recommendations. Use Stone 7 and Stone 8.

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Next lesson ...
We form groups of four. 
Then have a group
about your favourite and least favourite films and series.
Use your notes.   
Ask each other questions, 
and give each other recommendations. 
Use Stone 7 and Stone 8.

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See you next week !

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