by Jip Rijk and Noud 
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by Jip Rijk and Noud 

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explanation (uitleg)
 hello, we make a lesson in English for enrichment and the subject is basketball
  below is a lesson in English there you have to translate everything but before below there is a story with all the information you need (the story is on the next page)
  it also contains important information for a kahoot the we will do when everyone is ready

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the story
Basketball is a ball sport invented in 1891 by James Naismith in Springfield, Massachusetts (United States). Today's basketball is played by both men and women on almost every continent, but it was originally an American men's sport.

Two teams of five players each participating in the game and a maximum of seven substitutes compete against each other. Each team tries to win the ball and throw it through an iron ring - the basket. On each of the short sides of the rectangular basketball court there is a basket with a net at a height of three meters. Indoors the surface is usually made of hardwood or plastic and outside the game is played on asphalt. International basketball matches are played according to the official rules of FIBA

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Bob Pettit
Bob Pettit won the MVP award in 1955-56 and was the first MVP ever

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James Naismith
with the rules from
the highest level is
bob pettit

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basketball record
The record of most points is held by LeBron James he has 39747 points and many people consider him the best player in the world and his nickname is king James

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who is this

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what is the nickname of LeBron James

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Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan was seen by many people as the best basketball player ever he now also has a collaboration with Nike and from that  came Air Jordan he has 6 championship whith the Bulls in the NBA and 9 MVP's (that stands for Most Valuable Player)

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what does MVP stand for

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do you know                  
Rik Smits is the most famous Dutch center to have played in the NBA. He played for the Indiana Pacers. At 2.24m, he was one of the most important centers in the NBA. Unfortunately, he didn't win a championship in his 12 years in the NBA.
(The person with the white circle around his head is Rik Smits)

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do you know
Victor Webanyama is 2,24 metres tall annd he is 19 years old

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how old is victor wembanyama

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what was the position of rik smits

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plays with number 45
2,24 m

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is this english lesson better than the one from teacher madie
(enter your real opinion)
total not
best lesson ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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