M3a -- 18-09-2023

M3a -- 18-09-2023
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M3a -- 18-09-2023

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- Test Date Unit 1A
- Short Yes/No Answers
- Can/Could/To be allowed to
- Ex. 12 to 15
- Homework
[- if time and deserved a blooket]

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Test Date
Your first test is upcoming!

Your test on the Vocabulary and Reading will be on the 26th of September.

You need to study all vocabulary of Unit 1 and the Irregular Verbs 1 to 15 for this!

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Grammar (p. 11 in TB)

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Short Yes/No Answers

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yes! no!
Alleen maar ja of nee zeggen is niet beleefd in het Engels daarom antwoord je met een korte zin.

Heb je een appel? Ja. Ja, die heb ik.
Do you have an apple? Yes. Yes, I do.

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Hoe maak je een kort ja/nee antwoord?

Yes, - onderwerp - werkwoord

No, - onderwerp - werkwoord + not

Is your sister 16 years old?            Do they have a car?

Yes, she is                                            Yes, they do.

No, she isn't (No, she is not)          No, they don't (No, they do not)

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Write the correct answers

1. Did you do the groceries yesterday ? (+)

2. Was Timothy late for school today ? (-)

3. Could your sister play the piano when she was 6 ? (+)

4. Can you come over to my house right now? (-)

5. Are you his brother ? (-)


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1. Yes, I / we did.

2. No, he wasn't.

3. Yes, she could.

4. No, I / we can't.

5. No, I am not.

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Modals of permission
can, could, be allowed to

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Modals of permission
Werkwoorden van toestemming
3 mogelijkheden (voor nu, er zijn er meer)
can - vragen of iets mag
could - vragen of iets mag, maar beleefder
be allowed to - vragen of zeggen dat iets (niet) mag volgens de regels

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Voorbeelden can & could
Can we watch this film tonight? - Kunnen we vanavond deze film kijken?
We can't watch that film tonight. - We kunnen die film vanavond niet kijken.
Could I borrow your pen? - Mag ik je pen lenen?

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Voorbeelden be allowed to
You're not allowed to eat junkfood during class.
Je mag tijdens de les geen junkfood eten. 

You are allowed to drink water during class.
Je mag tijdens de les water drinken.

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Ex. 12 to 15
Next, let's practise what you have just learnt.

Please, get page 14 in your Work Book and do ex. 12 to 15.

This is also homework for next class.

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Do ex. 12 to 15
Study Voc of Unit 1 (preparation for next week!)
Study Stone 1 and 2

See you next week!

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