3A/C Diamond poem

Read the following poems.
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Read the following poems.

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What do you notice about this type of poem?

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What is typical about this type of poem?
It looks like a diamond because of the number of words and how they are organized.
There are no full sentences.

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What rules do you think you must follow to write a diamond poem?

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Diamante poem
The Diamante (Italian) was created by an American poet named Iris McClellan Tiedt in 1969, and has become very popular.

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1. Diamond poems are 7 lines long
2. The first and the last lines have just one word
3. The second and sixth lines have two words
4. The third and fifth lines have three words
5. The fourth line has four words
6. Lines 1, 4, and 7 have nouns
7. Lines 2 and 6 have adjectives
8. Lines 3 and 5 have verbs

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You can write a synonym or an antonym Diamond poem.
synonym= the nouns at the beginning and end are two words that basically mean the same (train/underground).
antonym= the two nouns are opposites (tegengestelden) - (day/night).

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Writing: a diamond poem
Write a good diamond poem for one of your fellow pupils (teacher's choice).
Topic: motivation (for exams, during Covid ...).

  • Read the strategy box on p. 193.
  • Brainstorm first (p. 1 Google file)
       - find as many nouns, verbs, adjectives (synonyms / 
          antonyms) related to your topic.
  • Select the best words (highlight them on p. 1)
  • Use the organiser in the Google file (p. 2 Google file)

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Writing: a diamond poem

  • Type your poem in the Google Doc on Google Classroom. Hand in!
  • Then take a picture / screenshot and send it to your fellow pupil.

  • Time left?
       Write one to your best friend. Tell them how awesome they are or wish them good luck on        
       the exams, ... Don't forget to send it or give it to them!

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Who do you write to?
Thibault -> Klara -> Tom -> Géoralph -> Priscilla -> Lukas -> Julie -> Richard    -> Arthur VM -> Romy -> Maybel -> Elise -> Emma -> Miel -> Amira -> Jutta -> Périne -> Eddine -> Yelena -> Laura -> Quentin -> Arthur D -> Thibault

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