Language Skills 4.3 Writing an article

Language Skills 4.3
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Language Skills 4.3

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Today's lesson
  1. The CPE writing exam Corona style 
  2. Feedback on the essays
  3. Synonyms & Latinates
  4. Writing an article 

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The exam

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What feedback did you get on your essay this week?

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Genuinely talented people are forced to abandon potential careers in favor of ‘’real’’ work because of a lack of support.

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It as a fact that music is getting more accessible to people through the internet, you can download almost anything from your device in this digital age.

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No one would the dispute the fact that subjects like math and English are important for every child to master since you use those subjects in almost everything.

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Schools think that music is less important than the primary subjects, such as English and mathematics.

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With this growth you’d expect musicians to be well respected since they’re highly skilled individuals yet that isn’t the case at all.

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Use Synonyms:
  • to avoid repetition
  • to show off your level of English
  • to make a good impression 

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How many synonyms can you name for "interesting"... write them down!

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What about "excellent"

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You can also do this with movie titles.
Which movie is a synonym of
"Ferrous Fellow"?

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Latinate Words

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CPE Writing Part 2: The Article
  • usually intended for publication in a newspaper, magazine or journal​ 

  • written for a wide audience ​ 
  • may include amusing stories, reported speech and descriptions​
  • written in an interesting or entertaining manner​
  • opinions and thoughts, as well as facts​
  • less formal style than a report​

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An article can​
  • describe an experience, event, person or place​ 
  • present an opinion or balanced argument​
  • compare and contrast​
  • provide information​
  • offer suggestions​
  • offer advice

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A realistic article should consist of:​

  • an eye-catching title which attracts the reader’s attention and suggests the theme of the article. ​ 
  • an introduction which clearly defines the topic to be covered and keeps the reader’s attention.​ 
  • the main body of two to five paragraphs in which the topic is further developed in detail.​ 
  • The conclusion - summarising the topic or a final opinion, recommendation or comment. 

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Before you begin writing it is important to consider:​ 

  • where is the article going to appear - in a newspaper or magazine?​
  • who are the intended readers - a specific group such as students or teenagers, or adults in general?​ 
  • what is the aim of the article - to advise, suggest, inform, compare and contrast, describe, etc.?

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Latinate "get ahead"

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Latinate "get better"

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Up next...
Next week: Reading Week (no lesson)
Homework: WF 5 and 10 (90-91; 174-175) Hand in 25th May

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