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Correct the sentences if needed!

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He have did the homework, has he?

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LessonUp a great tool learn languages.

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That brand far more famouser then this one.

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She were having lunch while I tried to learn the stupid words.

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Olyan különleges, vonzatos igék, amiknél a vonzat hozzáadásával egy teljesen új jelentéssel ruházzuk fel az adott szót. Például:
   to look = nézni
   to look for = keresni (=to search)
   to look after = vigyázni valamire (=to take care of)

Phrasal verbs
Érdemes figyelni rá, hogy nem minden ige phrasal verb attól, hogy van vonzat mögötte. Például a to look at nem változtatja meg az eredeti szó jelentését, ez csak egy prepozíciós ige.

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Phrasal verbs (folytatás)
Borzasztóan népszerű ezen szavak használata, és az élő nyelvben sokkal szívesebben használják a Phrasal Verb verziókat az egyező jelentéső szavakhoz képest, így fontos, hogy mi is elsajátítsuk használatukat.
Képzésük természetesen tartalmaz logikát, de nekünk, nem natív nyelvhasználóknak nehéz ezt értelmezni. Valahogy úgy tudnám megfogalmazni, hogy a vonzattal egyfajta "irányt" adunk az adott szónak. Pl: to make up = felépít
Érdekesség, hogy hiába trendi, és viszonylag új topik, a Phrasal Verb-ök használata nem számít szlengnek, így akár hivatalos helyen is használhatóak. ;)

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Most common Phrasal Verbs:
Look out / Watch out = Be Careful         Example: Look out ! There is car coming!
Come on =  Be quick / Hurry up   Example:  Come on ! Everybody is waiting for you.
Hold on = Wait                         Example: Can you hold on a minute?  (=Can you wait?)
Carry on / Go along / Walk on / Drive on = Continue along...    
                                                     Example: Carry on this street and turn left at the lights.
Get on = Manage; in a job, in a school, in an exam etc…     
                             Example: How are you getting on you new job?  (Are you doing ok?)
Take off = Leave the ground (for planes)   Example: The plane takes off at 2 PM.
Wake up = Stop sleeping         Example:  I often wake up in the middle of the night.
Speak up = Speak louder              Example: I can't hear you. Can you speak up a bit?
Hurry up = Do something more quickly     Example: Hurry up! We are late...
Wash up = Wash the plates after a meal    Example: Can you do the washing up?

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Most common Phrasal Verbs:
Grow up = Become an adult          Example: When I grow up, I want to be a cowboy.
Give up = Stop trying/using                              Example: You should give up cigarettes.
Slow down = Go slower                            Example: You are driving too fast, slow down.
Break down =  Stop working (for cars and machines)        
                                                 Example: She was late because her car had broken down.
Fill in = Complete a form                                 Example: Can you fill this form in please?
Put out = Extinguish                     Example: We need more air flow to put out the fire.
Cross out = Correct (eg: a mistake)      Example: We can cross out the discount part.
Try on = Put on clothes to see if they fit you         
                                                                  Example: This blouse is nice, I try it on for buying.
Ring up = Telephone                  Example: Can you ring me up at three o'clock please.

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Most common Phrasal Verbs:
Look up = A word in a dictionary      
             Example: I am not sure of the meaning, I have to look it up in the dictionary.
Turn up = Make louder (tv, radio, music etc.)    Example: Can you turn the radio up?
Turn down = Make more quite sg. or cancel a negotioation       
                                              Example: After the second offer the business turned down.
Throw away = Rubbish            Example: The apples are bad, throw them away!
Put  away = Put something in the place where you usually keep it                                                                                         Example: What a mess, put your toys away please!
Show around = take somebody on a tour of a place                                                                                 Example: My friends will show me around New York.

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Listen to Bob the Canadian and learn the following phrasal verbs:

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Slide 13 - Video

Try to find the appropriate definition of the following phrasal verbs!
Let's see some harder ones:

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A- Have none left
B- To escape, leave unexpectedly
C- To feel disappointed, let down
D- To organise, arrange
E- To exercise, be healthy
F- To make someone feel stupid
G- To make a calculation
H- To make a trick or trap
I- To successfully do
J- To extinguish

Slide 15 - Sleepvraag

Drag the missing phrasal verb to the appropriate place!

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I was trying to __________ what you owe me for the stuff, but my
calculator stopped working.
The criminal was __________ by the police when they put a hidden
camera in the office.
A huge fire started when the girl blew out her birthday candles,
but the firemen arrived quickly and were able to __________ the
The teacher had hoped to give every child a gift at the party;
she didn't anticipate that they would __________ so quickly.
Tell me again, when did your daughter __________ from home?

run away
put out
work out
run out
put out
work out

Slide 17 - Sleepvraag

Wow, your muscles are so impressive! Do you __________ often?
The bullies always __________ Ödönke. It's really hard for him.
Don't put that box on the table just yet, I need to __________ where everything will go.
Your mother was really __________ because you didn't show up for dinner last night – you should apologize to her.
We're having a big dinner party on Saturday night and it will take me ages to __________ all the plates and cutlery.
put down
work out
set up
run out
work out
set up

Slide 18 - Sleepvraag

Picture description:

You will see a website that generates random images. Click on 'New image' and describe the given picture in a few sentences!

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Slide 20 - Link

What did you do last weekend?
Tell us about your favourite holiday!
What do you do to save the environment?
What is your dream job and why?
Do you prefer working alone or in a team? Why?

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