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English Reading / Listening
Tips + practice
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English Reading / Listening
Tips + practice

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- Reading tips
- Listening tips
- Exam practice + time for questions 

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Reading tips
The first 3 steps: 

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Step 1
Try to look for the form of the text:
What kind of text is this?
- article?
- news?
- entertainment?

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Step 2
Look at the heading / title
Can you know what the  text is about by just reading this?

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Step 3
Look at the images
Does the text have images? If yes, what information can you gather from them?

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Reading tips
After these steps: 
Read the questions!

Now you know what you're looking for in the text without reading the entire thing

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Reading tips
After these steps: 
Read the questions!

For example: 
A question about how much something costs:
Look for numbers

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Reading tips
Multiple choice questions:

- Read the question first
- Try to answer the question yourself first. without looking at the possible answers

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About reading so far?

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Listening tips
Before you listen: 
- Read the questions + answers
- Can you guess the subject?

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Listening tips
During the listening: 
- Know what your listening for (zoekend luisteren)
- You don't have to understand every word
- You can pause and rewind the video's as much as you want
(keep an eye on the time though)

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About listening?

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Let's practise
- NU Engels Online 2.6: Extra listening + Extra exam exercise

- NU Engels Online 5.7: Extra reading + Extra exam exercise

Or start a practice exam (Facet) Link on Teams

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