Past simple vs past perfect

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When do we use
the past simple?

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Make a question:
She went to the cinema yesterday.

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Make a question:
James saw an aligator on holiday.

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Make negative:
Winnie wrote her name on the paper.

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Make negative:
I wanted to go home.

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Past Perfect:
  • Een handeling voor een andere handeling in het verleden.
    When I arrived, the bus had already left.
  • Als iets op een bepaald moment in het verleden een tijdje duurde.
    When I went to the Pax, I had done primary education for 8 years.
  • Conditional sentences (if-zinnen)
    If she had left earlier, she might have been on time.
  • Indirecte rede.
    "I did not go there." -  She said that she hadn't gone there.

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Questions and Negations:
  • I had worked for 3 hours when you arrived:
    Had I worked for 3 hours when you arrived?
    I hadn't worked for 3 hours when you arrived.

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The wind (blow) away the paper serviettes that I (leave) on the garden table.

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The teacher (correct) the essays that his students (write).

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The girls (laugh) at the pictures that they (take) the day before.

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Before we (take) Bob to the theatre, he (never see) a stage play before.

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Wanneer gebruik je een
past perfect?

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Go to
room: TESS5973
Do the Quiz!

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