Vocab test practice

Vocab test practice
Unit 3 and 4
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Vocab test practice
Unit 3 and 4

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What do you have to study for the test? 
The words from unit 3 and 4 which you can find in your pink book, or on page 147, 148 of your TB.
Adverbs on page 28 of your TB.
Time expressions on p 29 of your TB.
Vocab on page 36 of your TB. 

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What are we going to do today?
We are going to go over the adverbs again.
We will go over the time expressions again.
We will practice with the vocab.

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What's an adverb?
A word that tells you more about a verb, adjective or another adverb. 
For example: He explained the grammar very well
They sing very beautifully.
The bears ate greedily
You look absolutely fabulous!
She is speaking extremly quitely.

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What's the difference between an adverb and an adjective?

Adjectives tell you something about a noun. Adverbs tell you something about a verb, adjective or adverb. 

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Where do I place them in a sentence?
When it tells you something about a verb it is usually placed at the end of the sentence: She paints those flowers beautifully.
When it tells you something about an adjective or another adverb it is placed in front of the adjective or adverb.
For example: They can draw extremely well. 
My dog is slightly overweight. 

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How do I make an adverb?
Usually you have to put -ly behind the word. 
happily, extremely, beautifully, slowly, carefully, safely. 

Irregular forms: 
Good - well
Fast - fast
hard - hard

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Time expressions
At six o'clock
at midnight
at Christmas
At the weekend

Usually used for specific times. 

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In 2007
in the morning
in the afternoon
in summer
in two weeks' time

Usually used when it is a longer period of time. Not specific. 

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on Saturday
on Monday morning
on Christmas day
on January 18th

Used for days. 

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