Two Degrees Section 4 Discussion

Two Degrees Section 4 Discussion
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Two Degrees Section 4 Discussion

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The Sierra Nevada,
California P. 4

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Manitoba P. 4

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Florida P. 4

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Akira chose to not go with Sue and Vicki. How might things have been different had she chosen to go with them?

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Owen grapples with the thought that maybe they should not be living so near the polar bear habitat. Do you agree or disagree with this?

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Does this book remind you of another story you are familiar with? If so, which story?

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How might the story change if you altered one of the main events?

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If you could offer the main character some advice, what advice would you give?

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What was your favourite storyline so far?
Akira in The Sierra Nevada, California
Owen and George in Churchill, Manitoba
Natalie in Miami, Florida

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