Traditions assignment

Lesson 1 Traditions!
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Lesson 1 Traditions!

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At the end of this lesson...

  • You know more about various traditions around the world
  • You've practised watching and listening
  • You've practised working together

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St. Patrick's day
Super bowl
The 4th of July

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St. Patrick's day

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The fourth of July

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Independence day

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Yom Kippur

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Yom Kippur

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Let's find out more about.....

  • Make groups of four  (choose wisely. This will be your group for the next couple of weeks)
  • I am going to hand out different kind of traditions. Fill in the information on your worksheet. You can use google. (15 min)
  • Share your findings.

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Lesson 2 Traditions!

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At the end of this lesson...

  • You know how to make questions in the present simple

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Making questions: present simple
Er zijn een paar werkwoorden die je gewoon vooraan in de zin mag zetten bij het maken van vragen: 
- to be (am/is/are)
- can / will / may / have got

I am 23 years old --> Am I 23 years old?
He can speak English --> Can he speak English?
He has got a brother --> Has he got a brother?

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Making questions: present simple
Staan deze werkwoorden niet in de zin? Dan moet je een hulpwerkwoord erbij pakken!
--> do / does 

Let op! Na elke vorm van do moet je het hele werkwoord gebruiken 

I love cats --> Do I love cats?
He loves cats --> Does he love cats?

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Tegenwoordige tijd 

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Wat hoort bij wat?
Miss Shade 
My dog
Mohammed and I
Rafke and Ize

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They are happy

Slide 27 - Open vraag

The boys play football

Slide 28 - Open vraag

Carol plays the guitar

Slide 29 - Open vraag

She can help you.

Slide 30 - Open vraag

She wants an ice cream

Slide 31 - Open vraag

  • You are going to interview a family member about their favourite tradition/holiday. 
  •  Come up with 8 questions.
  • Next lesson you're going to find a classmate who has the same celebration as you. You are going to compare the answers. What is the same/different.

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Lesson 3 Traditions!

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At the end of this lesson...
  • You have practised watching and listening
  • You've practised working together.

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Watching and listening
We're going to watch a video about our Dutch tradition 'Sinterklaas'.

Answer the questions on your worksheet.

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Choose a tradition you'd like to know more about
  • Make a poster in groups of 4
  • Give a short presentation (5 min)

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The presentation
  • History of this tradition (facts)? 
  • What do they celebrate?
  • What kind of food do they eat?
  • What do people wear?
  • Are there any decorations you can tell about?
  • In what way is it being celebrated? Traditions?

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Working together

  • Find your teammembers
  • Work on your poster/presentation

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