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language art

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-hood   means  "the state or quality of"

-ate  means  "to act on in a certain way"

-ure  means   "the act, process, or result of"

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childhood- the state of being a child

neighborhood- the state of being neighbors

parenthood- the state of being  a parent

livelihood- the state of being lively

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calculate- to find an answer by using mathematical processes

communicate- to cause to pass from one to another

hyphenate- to connect words or parts of words with a hypen

validate- to make valid

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architecture- the result of building according to a design or the art or science of building

closure- the act of closing

mixture- the act, process, or result of mixing

pressure- the act of a force pressing against another force

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regulate- to make rules or laws that control something

decorate- to make more attractive by adding extra items or images

sculpture- the act, process, or result of making art by shaping a material into a form

pleasure- a feeling of enjoyment or satisfaction 

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Making Connections p. 510-511

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Predicting p. 510-511

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Making Connections p. 516-517

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Making Connections p. 518-519

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Commas and Quotation Marks in Direct Quotations and Dialogue
  • Dialogue and direct quotations show the exact words someone spoke or wrote.
  • Dialogue usually refers to words spoken by fictional characters in a story
  • Direct quotation is the exact words spoken by a real person
  • A direct quotation may also be the exact words that were written in another book or other piece of writing 

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