GC1 2. Who am I - lesson 6 - packing your bags

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Goals of this lesson
At the end of this lesson you...
- can give and explain your opinion in groups
- understand what is most important in life
- what kind of items are important to you personally
- can empathise with the concerns and needs of others.

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Last week
Last week, you looked into the life of a refugee child. For today, you needed  to have written a short poem (gedicht) or diary entry (stukje uit je dagboek) about your life if you were a refugee.
Have you uploaded it to Simulise?

In your group of 4-5:
Each person is going to tell the others about what they have written down. 

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Quickly discuss with your neighbour

1. What does the picture show? How many people are there?
2. Where are they? What are they doing?

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Time to pack your bags! 
Your country has just become involved in a war and they have to flee. Because you have to leave your homes, you will have to take the things you need most to live in a new place with you. 

  • Form groups of five. Each group will form a ‘family’. 
  • Decide who will play the roles of the parents and which of those are the children. 
  •  You have received a set of 20 blank sheets of paper. Write down or draw what you want to take with you, you must decide together as a family!

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owwww noooooo!!!
Due to limited space in the car, you will have to leave some items behind. You can save up to 14 items.

 Draw an ‘x’ on the items you won't take with you anymore. 


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owwwww nooooo again!!!
Since a lot of people are leaving their homeland at the same time, the roads are crowded and it’s not possible to go any further by car. Therefore, you must continue the journey on foot and you can’t carry so many things with you. 

You have to limit yourself to six items and get rid of the other eight."
Again, you must discuss this and cross some items out. 


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what items do you have left?

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What have we done today? What have you learned?

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