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online practice sentences
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Open cloze exercise (UoE, gap fill)
This typical Use of English exercise is one of the parts of the FCE exam 'reading and Use of English' and is also always in your regular test. You cannot study for this, so it is important you know how to read and tackle this type of exercise.  First of all let's take a look at which word sorts are deleted to form a gap.
Go to sb p33 ex 1 and fill the gaps. Take note of the word sort or phrase part that has been deleted to see how this type of exercise is devised. 
Time left? do wb p25 (right side)

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answers sb p33 ex 1
1 up, 2 on, 3 it, 4 who, 5 because, 
6 have, 7 not, 8 the, 9 little, 10 all

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Let's see a video with explanation 

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How to tackle this type of exercise...
Biggest tip: read through the whole text first...
Take a look at the help box to see why this is important.
Now do sb p33 ex 2 and then ex 3 and 4
Time left? Carry on with wb p25 (right side)

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Answers to sb p33 ex 2 and 3
sb p33 ex 2
the mistake: She ended up in Puerto Rico instead of Costa Rica / the travel agent booked her to Puerto Rico instead of Costa Rica.

the cause: the airport codes are similar

What the victim had to do: She had to spend 800 pounds on three extra flights to get to her destination.

sb p33 ex 3
1 up, 2 had, 3 as, 4 to, 5 it, 6 instead, 7 other, 8 would

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answers sb p33 ex 4
1. Phrasal verb (end up)
2. Auxiliary verb
3. Fixed phrase/preposition
4. Preposition
5. Pronoun
6. Instead of is a preposition
7. Pronoun
8. Auxiliary verb

Slide 7 - Tekstslide

plenda time!
study: all irr. verbs
study: present perfect simple vs present perfect continuous
revise: WS unit 34A p96
finish: sb p33 ex 1, 2, 3, 4

Slide 8 - Tekstslide

answers to sb p33 ex 4
1. Phrasal verb (end up)
2. Auxiliary verb
3. Fixed phrase/preposition
4. Preposition
5. Pronoun
6. Instead of is a preposition
7. Pronoun
8. Auxiliary verb

Slide 9 - Tekstslide

Do you remember what suffixes are?
A few examples:
ability, successful, exhausted, careless, registration
Look at sb p15: we practised them on that page.

Slide 10 - Tekstslide

There are also 'prefixes'. Can you think of some examples? Grab your phone and enter your ideas.

Slide 11 - Open vraag

The only ways to get really good at this are:
1. record words of the same family in a (vocabulary) notebook
example: sign, signature, signal etc
2. make sure you read lots!

Slide 12 - Tekstslide

prefixes: sb p37 right side
do: ex 1 + 2
Time left? do sb p97
Last 7 minutes: elementary dating 

Slide 13 - Tekstslide

FCE speaking parts 1 and 2
You will get 3 mins to make two individual word webs/mind maps of what you know about the two different speaking tests, parts 1 and 2. Think of aspects such as:
- duration?
- what do you speak about?
- what materials are used?
- is it an individual task or a collaborative task?
- who do you speak to?
If you have time left, you can add useful phrases for speaking part 2 to your word web/mind map.

Slide 14 - Tekstslide

Go to sb p5 for answers on the two parts.
Go to sb p15 for useful phrases.

Slide 15 - Tekstslide

Your turn!
An example of speaking part 1 can be found on sb p10, top left corner. Here you see that the subject is somewhat developed and you should tackle your task in the same way. Then, in breakout rooms (paired students), ask each other personal questions about family, hobbies, future plans regarding education or profession, ideal holiday location or ideal type of holiday. (And of course develop the topic as you saw on sb p10!) Approximately 2-3 minutes. Students take turns. 

Slide 16 - Tekstslide

word transformation
Now click on this link and do the 16 word transformations and then check your work by clicking on the 'check' button at the bottom of the page.
PS013 - Prefixes and Suffixes (english-grammar.at)
If you are finished, do sb p97

Slide 17 - Tekstslide

do: sb p97
finish: 16 word transformations (ask me what you don't understand)
revise: WS unit 34B

Slide 18 - Tekstslide

Send me a photo of your answers to sb p36 ex 1a, 1b and 2

Slide 19 - Open vraag

recap (stop at 4:50)

Slide 20 - Tekstslide

Homework: check
Sb p36 ex 1a/1b
1. Letting, watch
2. To calm
3. Afford, to have

Sb p36 ex 2
1. a, f
2. c
3. e, d
(0 is b)

Slide 21 - Tekstslide

work in groups (breakout rooms)
do: wb p24 ex 1 and 2 (right side). Use the handout in yesterday's lesson which you should now have downloaded and saved and/or printed.

Time left: do: wb p24 ex 1 + 2 (left side) and sb p36 ex 4

Slide 22 - Tekstslide

revise: WS 34A and 34B
study: gerunds/infinitives (sb pp 106/107, except for the last section on the right side of the page!)
do: wb p24 ex 1 and 2 (right side). Use the handout!!

Time left: do: wb p24 ex 1 + 2 (left side) and sb p36 ex 4

Slide 23 - Tekstslide

Send me a photo of your homework

Slide 24 - Open vraag

answers to wb p24 ex 1
1. to plan (the adjective important)
2. seeing ('to' is a preposition)
3. let (after 'let' we use the infinitive without 'to' --> let me go away). See sb p107 top right corner, 1st bullet point!!
4. repairing ('repairing' is the object=lv, so we use the gerund)
5. reading ('reading' is the subject, so we use the gerund)
6. to learn (after certain nouns - here: 'opportunity' --> to infinitive)
7. to book
8. going (after avoid: gerund)

Slide 25 - Tekstslide

answers to wb p24 ex 2
1. correct
2. You'd better take out (sb p107 top right corner, 1st bullet point)
3. correct
4. couldn't help laughing (after the fixed phrase 'couldn't/can't help we use the gerund)
5. to feed (is material for year 3!)
6. correct
7. going (after the fixed phrase 'can't/couldn't stand' we use the gerund)
8. stopped to visit (is material for year 3!)

Slide 26 - Tekstslide

wb p24 ex 1 left side
1. Illegible
2. Inaccessible
3. Unexpected
4. Impartial
5. Irrelevant
6. Unfamiliar
7. Irreparable
8. Disagreeable

Slide 27 - Tekstslide

wb p24 ex 2 left side
1. Inaccessible
2. Disagreeable
3. Impartial
4. Illegible
5. Irrelevant
6. unexpected
7. Unfamiliar
8. irreparable

Slide 28 - Tekstslide

sb p36 ex 4
1. Cream TO protect
2. Before GOING
3. Need TO put
4. Avoid GOING
5. Let your skin BURN
6. Don’t forget TO DRINK (material year 3!)
7. Correct
8. Used to WEARING
9. Correct

Slide 29 - Tekstslide

sb p107
Let's take a look at a few tricky parts...

Slide 30 - Tekstslide

practise and check with this link
I will copy this into the chat.... complete and then check


Slide 31 - Tekstslide

revise: WS units 4b, 4c and 2
study: words unit 4 ‘holidays and travel’ (sb p125)
do: wb p24 ex 3 (don’t forget sentences 9 and 10!)

Slide 32 - Tekstslide

wb p24 ex 3

1. Trip
2. Lift
3. Up
4. Tour
5. See
6. Journey
7. Touched
8. Boarding
9. Delayed
10. enjoy

Slide 33 - Tekstslide

I watched a good film last night. Halfway through I found out I had already seen it before.

Indiviually: Put these happenings in a time line....

Slide 34 - Tekstslide

The correct time line (notebook!)
I had seen the film before               I watched a good film last night

Watched = past simple
had seen = past perfect
had = aux verb in the past
seen = 3rd column --> volt.dlw --> past participle

Slide 35 - Tekstslide

Over to you: Past perfect
How to make this tense: had + past participle
(past participle : verb+ed OR 3rd column)

When to use this tense: When we have several things that happened in the past, but the FIRST thing(s) that happened is clearly before the other.

Slide 36 - Tekstslide

Easy peasy lemon squeezy:
We do the same in Dutch!   :):)

Ik keek (past simple) gisteren naar een leuke film. Halverwege ontdekte (past simple) ik dat ik hem al eerder had gezien (past perfect or voltooid verleden tijd)

Slide 37 - Tekstslide

Questions and practice

Do this exercise. Always decide which action happened first and which action was closest to 'now' (so happened second).
Check your work and write down any questions you have for next lesson!

Slide 38 - Tekstslide

Today's lesson
- kahoot for Word Skills units
- recap of how to do the speaking exam part 2
- grammar work sheet 
- revision units 3 + 4
- set hw

Slide 39 - Tekstslide

Word Skills Kahoot
Units 2, 4b, 4c, 6, 34

Slide 40 - Tekstslide

After FCE speaking recap:
Grammar practice: past simple vs past perfect
Complete the sentences in the handout. YOU DECIDE if you want to do ALL the sentences, but do AT LEAST the first ten sentences. Students at school: you get the handout on paper.
Students at home: see the attachment in magister. If you are a quick finisher you can start your homework:

Slide 41 - Tekstslide

Homework for Monday
revise: grammar units 3 + 4
do: revision sb pp 40/41
do: handout past simple vs past perfect (at least 10 sentences)
Should you wish to check out a video on FCE speaking exam (if it makes you feel more confident): click on the link in today's Magister.

Slide 42 - Tekstslide

Enough time left?
Speaking exams!
Other students: work on the handout. If time left? Start your homework.

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