5.1 - Perceiving your environment

Unit 5 Perception, behaviour and regulation
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Unit 5 Perception, behaviour and regulation

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BS 1 - Perceiving your environment

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Today's lesson
- Introduction to your senses
- Which organs are we talking about?
- How do impulses start?
- How does your nervous system function?

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Sensing things

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Sensing things
You see and smell chocolate
Using sense organs
Signal (impulse) through nerves to your brain
Brain send impulse to arm muscle -> you grab the chocolate

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Sense organs = zintuigen
Eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin

Together = sensory system

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Sensory organs

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Sense organs send signals through the nerves to the ...

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All your senses together form the ...
nervous system
sensory system
brain system
sense canal

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How do you call the signals the sense organs send out?

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Sense receptors in the skin

Heat receptors
Cold receptors
Pressure receptors 
Touch receptors
Pain receptors

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Reacting to the surrounding
Stimulus (prikkel) = information from the surrounding
Light, temperature, smell, sounds, skin contact

Stimulus -> sense organ -> impulse -> nerves -> brain 
Brain responds with a impulse to the muscles to react 

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Sensory cells
Sensory organs have sensory cells
Which are connected to nerves

When the sensory cells receive a stimulus they generate an impulse (kind of electrical signal)

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Fill in the right words:
The smell of a fresh panini comes into your nose, this is called a .... Then a .... is sent through the nerves to the brain.

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Let's get to work
Read 5.1 - HW for today
Qs 1 t/m 3 (HW for today)
Make assignments 5 tm/ 8 
HW: Read 5.2 
Do Qs 1 and 2

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