THUG lesson 2

Presentation Future city
Feedback book reports - counts once
THUG life - check in + discussion questions
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Presentation Future city
Feedback book reports - counts once
THUG life - check in + discussion questions

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book reports
- counts once
- huge difference in one-pager / creativity / complete / language use
- plagiarism 

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THUG life - I've read...
the required 70 pages
more than the 70 pages
honestly, less than 70
Ehm, I still need to start

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Discussion questions
to express your opinion
to extend your knowledge
to improve your understanding of the book
to elaborate on important literary devices

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In this book you’ll find many references to Tupac, because Angie Thomas was inspired by Tupac, his lyrics and his way of life. 

The title of the book is the first reference to Tupac: The Hate U Give, or in short, THUG. 

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The title of the book is a reference to THUG LIFE, an acronym for "The Hate U Give Little Infants Fucks Everyone". This acronym was made popular by American rap artist 2Pac.
2Pac is known for his rap music, poetry and activism against inequality. 

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Discussion question 1
1. As Starr and Khalil listen to Tupac, Khalil explains what Tupac said “Thug Life” meant. Discuss the meaning of the term “Thug Life” as an acronym and why the author might have chosen part of this as the title of the book. In what ways do you see this in society today? (Chapter 1, p. 21)

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Discussion question 2
2. Chapter 2 begins with Starr flashing back to two talks her parents had with her when she was young. One was about sex (“the usual birds and bees”). The second was about what precautions to take when encountering a police officer (Chapter 2, p. 24). Have you had a similar conversation about what to do when stopped by the police? Reflect upon or imagine this conversation.

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Next week
Online assignment unit 5 - small test on Friday
Thursday - practice makes perfect + THUG assignment
Read until page 122 (stop ch. 8)
Answers the first 3 discussion questions, be elaborate + pay attention to your language use

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