Step 14: Presentation explanation

Welcome 2HGL!
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Welcome 2HGL!

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What are we going to do today?
1. Goals for today
2. Recap
3. Explanation presentation step 14
4. Deadlines
5. Questions

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Goals for today
At the end of this class....
1. I know what I have to do for the presentation.
2. I know what the deadlines are for the presentation.
3. I practised with the vocab and irregular verbs.

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First things first
Last week you had to hand in your email of the objective
Say it with a song.

Who did not hand in their email?

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Make a sentence in which you use the verb: 'Vliegen'

Slide 6 - Open vraag

The global goals .............. a lot of people.
Agreed with

Slide 7 - Quizvraag

Today, 2HGL .............
Yesterday, 2HGL.......
All our lives, ..............
stand up against poverty.
wrote a biography.
we have stuck a title in a diary. 
lit a candle.
we have found our global goals.
we have built different homes
we have had fun.
heard a playlist.

Slide 8 - Sleepvraag

How do you feel about the irregular verbs + wordbank?

Slide 9 - Poll

Test alert!

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Ladies and Gentlemen,
Write down in your schedule on the learning portal that you are going to have a test for English. This is going to be about step 14!
When: April 2021.
Wordbank step 14
The irregular verbs 1 until 16

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Slide 12 - Video

What is an example of a disease?

Slide 13 - Open vraag

Who is this young lady?

Slide 14 - Open vraag

What are we going to protect next to the forest?
The wildlife
The cities
The waters
The poor

Slide 15 - Quizvraag

How would you decribe the word 'Justice'?

Slide 16 - Open vraag

What does the boy mean with the sentence: Don't drop it?

Slide 17 - Open vraag

Explanation presentation step 14

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Presentation step 14
Is going to be about two parts.
1. First part --> Say it with a song!
2. Second part: The global goals!

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1.The first part
The students have already handed in their let’s play a song email to their teacher (playlist).

1.Is everything in the email?
2.Let someone else read your email. 
3.Is everything in it or are there still a few things missing? (Ask feedback)
4. After that, hand in your work with your improved version.

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Second Part: Speech Time! (1)
How long? 5+ minutes
You are going to present a pitch about one of the global goals for sustainable development in front of the class. 

You are going to do this in pairs! (2 students)

What do you have to talk about during the speech?

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Second Part: Speech Time! (2)
How long? 5+ minutes
1. The goal you are supporting.
2. Why is this goal important?
3.Why did you choose this goal?
4.How can others help you support this goal?
5.Talk about 3 money-raising ideas, explain why these ideas are suitable for your goal….
6. Two statements or quotes from Brainyquote.
7.Come up with 2 Present perfect questions that you are going to use during the presentation.

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Tips of where you can find extra information that can help you presenting your pitch.

The Objectives in the learning portal:
1. Read about the global goals
2. Write a speech
3. Give a speech

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1. What do I have to do for the presentation of step 14?
2. How long should the speech be?
3. Which objectives can you use for extra information?

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Final Q&A about the presentation.
Time to work on the presentation during the lesson.

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