GC2 2. Lesson 2+3 Gender equality

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1. We will learn why equality does not mean that women and men will become the same but that women’s and men’s rights, responsibilities and opportunities will not depend on whether they are born male or female.”

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1.  Gender Equality in our own lives (individual activity)
2. Activity about Gender roles in our lives (class activity)
3. Discussion (class activity)
4. Explanation of "Theatre of the Oppressed (group activity)

Week 50/51 we will continue with a Gender Equality role play 

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Individual  activity
Make notes: 

In what way can you see gender inequality in your lives. Think about; gender roles (mum and dad), sport, work, professions, toys. 


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Around the room, on different tables, there are 5 different A3 pieces of paper with markers. Each piece of paper has one heading of a topic that was given as homework. Walk around and write down what you have written down for each topic.


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 A short discussion about the different inequalities found.

Do some surprise you?
Are there ways of changing these inequalities?

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Theatre of the oppressed
You are going to write and act out a script on gender inequalities. 
The following slides will tell you how to go about it and what you need to include. Write these steps down so that you don't miss anything!

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Theatre of the oppressed
1. Get into groups of four.
2. You will receive a scenario card with two scenarios.
3. You must complete the assignment for both scenarios.

* tip: take a photo of the card!

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Theatre of the oppressed (1)
1.  Research your topic
2. Each scenario tackles a gender equality issue and also the differences between countries so keep this in mind.
3. Use this information to create a well-thought-out script for each scenario

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Theatre of the oppressed (2)
1.  Each play/scenario has to have at least 4 characters in it (may be more). You can decide who is what type of person. 
2. You have to make a short character description. Some hints of information you should include:
What kind of person are you (man, woman, rich, poor, age)?
What is your opinion on the topic/situation?
What kind of language are you going to use (friendly, offensive)?

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Theatre of the oppressed (3)
Start writing your scripts (one for each scenario)
Keep the following in mind!
1. Base your script on the characters and research you have already done on both scenarios.
2. You have to have a script.
3. Every person in the group needs to have an equal part in the play.
4. The play has to be a total of 4 minutes long (not longer) - for both scenarios combined.
5. You are not allowed to use your iPad as a script when acting out the scenarios. You may use cue cards.
6. You may use props if you need them.

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Theatre of the oppressed (4)
You have the rest of this lesson and next lesson to work on your script and to practice. 
Good luck!

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