Exploring Research Methods: Understanding Data Usage

Exploring Research Methods: Understanding Data Usage
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Exploring Research Methods: Understanding Data Usage

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Learning Objective
At the end of the lesson, you will be able to explain research methods used in articles and evaluate their suitability.

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What do you already know about research methods and data usage?

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Slide 1: Introduction
Research methods play a crucial role in gathering and interpreting data. They determine the accuracy and reliability of findings.

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Slide 2: Quantitative Research
Quantitative research involves collecting and analysing numerical data. It focuses on statistical analysis to draw conclusions.

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Slide 3: Qualitative Research
Qualitative research focuses on gathering non-numerical data, such as interviews, observations, and case studies. It aims to understand complex phenomena.

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Slide 4: Mixed Methods Research
Mixed methods research combines both quantitative and qualitative approaches. It allows for a comprehensive analysis of a research problem.

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Slide 5: Experimental Research
Experimental research involves manipulating variables to determine cause-and-effect relationships. It often includes controlled experiments.

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Slide 6: Survey Research
Survey research involves collecting data through questionnaires or interviews. It provides insights into opinions, attitudes, and behaviors of a target population.

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Slide 7: Evaluating Research Methods
To evaluate research methods, consider factors such as the research question, sample size, data collection techniques, and validity of findings.

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Slide 8: Conclusion
In conclusion, understanding research methods and their suitability is essential for interpreting and critiquing articles based on data usage.

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