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Lesson plan - 8 September
1. Sharing summer holiday stories 
2. More time? Gimkit vocabulary rehearsal 

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Sharing summer holiday stories
1. In small groups you are going to tell your classmates a story about something that happened in your summer holiday. 
2. A part of your story is true, a part of your story is not true (made up)
3. Your classmates are going to guess which part of the story is not true. 
4. When everyone has told their story, choose the best story of your group. 
5. Preparation time: 10 min
Phase 1: In English 
Phase 2+3: Dutch (parts in English if it's too difficult)

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Board game: Snakes and ladders
1. In groups (mixed phases) you are going to play Snakes and Ladders
2. Use 1 phone as a dice roller (google: online dice) and make sure everyone has a pawn or token (use something small from your pencil case)
3.  Everyone starts at number 1. You roll the dice for the amounts of steps you can take in your turn. If your pawn lands on a ladder, you may go to the end of the ladder. If your pawn lands on the mouth of a snake, you have to go back to the tail. 
4. For every number on the board game, you have to answer a question from the list with Dutch questions. Also explain your answer. Your classmates should get to know you better
5. If you don't understand the question, ask help from a classmate or ask the teacher
6. Phase 2+3: Try to answer the questions in Dutch

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Lesson plan - 31 August
1. Dutch B @ ISB 
2. Speaking exercise: present your own 

HW: Finish your presentation 

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Dutch B @ ISB
4 periods in a year -> 4 units in a year 
3 lessons a week: Unitlesson, language skills and grammar
Assesment is based on 4 criteria (language skills)
- Listening skill (criterion A)
- Reading skill (criterion B)
- Writing skill (criterion C)
- Speaking skill (criterion D) 
--> Every period 2 criteria will be tested in a summative. Before every summative you will get a formative to get an idea about your level. 

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Before we continue... 
  • Make a new folder in your Google Drive with the name 'Your name - Dutch B - MYP...'
  • Share this folder with me (
  • Make a new folder in your Dutch B folder with the name 'Unit 1'. 
You don't need to share this folder again! 
  • Make sure there are already 3 Google Documents in the folder: 
1. 'Classwork' --> Document for little tasks we do in the lesson 
2. 'Dutch B theory' --> Document with theory you need to remember
3. 'Vocabulary list' --> Document with all the vocabulary you need to study

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Speaking exercise: Present your own moodboard
1. You are going to make a moodboard with pictures that defines you as a person. 
2. You can make this in a Google Document, Slides or another template (Canva).  
3. Save your document in your Dutch B folder.
4. Next lesson everyone is going to present their moodboard in groups. You have to explain for every picture (1) what we see on it, (2) why it's part of your identity (why is this important to you)

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Speaking exercise: Present your own moodboard
Differences per phase:
  • Phase 1: Describe the picture in Dutch ('Je ziet op deze foto een....'
You may explain why the picture is important to you in English.
  • Phase 2 & 3: Presentation is in Dutch. 
--> Phase 2 may use keywords on a piece of paper 

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Lesson plan - 1 september
1. Speaking exercise: present your own 
2. Exercises on vocabulary 
Phase 1:
Phase 2&3: Synonym game

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