Unit 1: Writing a review for FCE

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What is the main purpose of a review?

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Part 2 of the Writing Exam
Reviews are included in Part 2 of your writing exam, which means that, unlike essays, you can choose if you want to write a review or instead work on one of the other options (article, report, letter/email, or story in FCE for Schools).

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Writing reviews is fun!
OK OK, it might not be as much fun as, for example,  spending a year travelling around the world, but compared to other writing tasks in the FCE exam, such as essays, it definitely feels a little bit more casual and easy-going.

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What a typical review task looks like

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How many words should you use in and FCE writing task?
as many as you want
Not too long, but no limit

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Reviews wanted
                                      What's on in your area?
We're looking for reviews of leisure activities that young visitors can do in your local area. Tell us about an activity you have tried yourself. In your review describe your experience, positive or negative, of trying the activity. Say whether or not you would recommend it to other people your age who are visiting the area.

Check two things when looking at a writing task: what to include and who is going to read your text. Read the task carefully and underline the key parts. Below I have done all of that for you.

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Always make a plan.......
1. Introduction: 
Use a personal question
2. Description
a. Stick to the question 
b. Use adjectives and adverbs to make it interesting

 Use specific language to give your opinion:
 In my opinion/view, …For me, …
 I think/believe/feel that …

a. Use specific language: I recommend/suggest
b. Write a final sentence to conclude the                                                  review.

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Now it’s time to practice

I believe that reviews are one of the more enjoyable writing tasks and, hopefully, this LessonUp will help you improve.

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