Introduction Unit 4 Managing an event

Introduction to unit 4
Managing an event
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Introduction to unit 4
Managing an event

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What do you think you are going to learn in this unit ?

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Programme outline Unit 4, 2nd school term - 10 Nov-28 Jan
FIVE Learning aims

A. Explore the role of an event organiser
B. Investigate the feasibility of a proposed event and thje factors affecting success
C. Develop a detailed plan for a business or social enterprise event
D. Stage and manage a business or social enterprise event
E. Reflect on the running of the event and evaluate own skills development

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Programme outline Unit 4, 2nd school term - 10 Nov-28 Jan

Assignment 1 = Learning aim A (2Ps)
Assignment 2 = Learning aims B and C (4Ps)
Assignment 3 = Learning aims D and E (2Ps)

These are assessed !

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Programme outline Unit 4, 2nd school term - 10 Nov-28 Jan
Assignment titles

Assignment 1 : Could I be an event organiser ?
Assignment 2 : Planning an event in the light of research
Assignment 3 : Staging an event and reflecting on its success

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How many learning aims does this unit have ?

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How many assignments does this unit have ?

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Getting started
Focus on the various aspects/tasks that need to be covered

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An essential part of the festival was just described namely....

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Tomorrowland is a cashless festival. People use ........... to pay.

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We are about to visit the event control centre. Which things do you think will be controlled here ? Mention two.

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Which facilities did you see which were present at this festival ?

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Things that were controlled at the event control centre were
  • crowd flow - crowd management
  • weather
  • safety - drugs

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coffee shop
tents -sleeping facilities
radio station
hot tubs
15 stages
information centre
portable charger facility

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What did you learn today ?
  • Learning aims and assignments unit 4
  • Some aspects/tasks you need to consider when organising an event

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Next lesson : Learning aim A: the role of an event organiser 

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Start reading the texts Learning aim A

In your group:
List 2 events (1 small and 1 bigger one) you would like to study for this unit (research)

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Notify me by mail about your chosen events coming Wednesday before class starts !! (at noon at the latest !)

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