Learning Aim A - lesson 2

Unit 7 - Supervise Food Service Operations
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Unit 7 - Supervise Food Service Operations

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Repetition from the last lesson

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This is the most common service method. The guest orders the food at the table after the food is served at the guest's table by waiters and waitresses.
Room service
Table service
Silver service

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With this method of food service at the table, the waiter transfers the food from a serving dish to the guest's plate, always from the left. The waiter makes use of service forks and spoons.
Counter service
Silver service

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With this service method, some parts of the meal are served to seated customers, other parts are collected by the guest.
Assisted service
Single-point service

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1. Types of food service operations
2. Meal types
3. Events
4. Service methods

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Staff organisation
Small restaurants
Medium restaurants
Large restaurants
Coffee shops
Fast food restaurants
Full-service restaurants

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Different types of staff needed to work in
different food service operations

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Organizational chart - small restaurant

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Make the right combination between the type of food service operation, service method(s), 
and staffing.

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