3E - Opinion essay

3E - Opinion essay
Today you're going to write an opinion essay, so let's have a look at that before you start.

Chance to improve your fail!
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3E - Opinion essay
Today you're going to write an opinion essay, so let's have a look at that before you start.

Chance to improve your fail!

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What is the purpose of argumentative essay?
to compare and contrast
to share effects / causes
to give examples
to support opinion using evidence

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How to structure your essay

Introduction - make the reader interested ("hook") + background info + thesis statement

Paragraph to support the thesis
Paragraph to argue against the thesis

Conclusion - summarize and conclude
These may be switched  

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What is the correct structure of an essay?
statement - argument - example - conclusion
catching opening - argument - argument - statement
catching opening - statement - arguments - conclusion
statement - idea - question - opinion

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Thesis statement
  • A thesis statement is one complete sentence that expresses your position 
  • A thesis statement can also be called the 'main point' of an essay

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Example thesis statement
Most high-school and even middle-school teachers are in a constant battle with smartphones and other devices for attention in the classroom. Students are finding ways to text, surf the web, and post on social media all while the teacher is instructing. They hide their devices in their lap, a sweatshirt pocket, or even in an open pocket of their backpack. Smartphones should to be forbidden in every classroom.

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Introduction - Match
Kids with black eyes. Kids crying themselves to sleep. Kids afraid to go to school these are just some of the things that happen when kids are bullied. 
Millions of kids are bullied every month. They are bullied every month. They are bullied physically and emotionally, and made fun of and intimidated in person, online over phones, and almost everywhere. Not enough is being done. 
Bullying should be punished by a fine or jail time because it is too prevalent, it leaves long-lasting emotional and academic scars, and it can lead to suicide. In addition, fines and jail time will prevent further bullying. 
Background info
Thesis statement

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Plan your line of argumentation
  • Pick a side
  • List reasons
  • Add examples
  • Narrow down your thesis

Think about this statement:
Should games be used to spread the news?

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Visible line of argumentation: Should we play the news?

The BBC has recently published a game of war, but not a Call of Duty kind of game. The Syrian Journey is about the horrible ordeal the refugees have to undergo to get to a safe haven, Europe. Is it OK though, to make a game about such serious issue? In my opinion it is. We should embrace games as a new medium of exploring serious subject matters.  

First of all, unlike traditional news media, games can give you a better perspective on the subject matter. Because of its interactive features, a newsgame like the Syrian Journey puts you right in the refugees’ shoes. You get to relive their stories and their troubles instead of hearing about them from an old boring anchorman. 

Secondly, newsgames can broaden the audience. It is well-known that younger generations are getting less and less interested in old-fashioned news broadcasts. In the age of technological advances, it is almost impossible to expect youngsters to engage with the news in the same way the older generation do. By making news stories more interactive, teens are more likely to follow the current news. 

To sum up, games should find their way in the broadcasting industry because they bring many advantages. They allow you to feel the news and be in it. They also attract a wider audience. While some still have to get used to it, in future, playing the news could be just as normal as reading the news.

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Match the purposes to the paragraphs
Arguments to support the title
Arguments against the title
The writer's own opinion
An introduction to the topic

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Introduction (no opinion!)



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Linking words and phrases:

  • To express personal opinions:  In my opinion, I believe that, I feel that/ it seems to me/ in my view/ as I see it / I think/ personally.

  • To show purpose: to / in order to / so as to / so that
  • To list ideas: Firstly/secondly/ finally/ In the first place/Lastly/ In addition/ in conclusion
  • To contrast ideas: However/ although/ in contrast/ whereas/ but/ nethertheless / in spite of / despite. 

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Useful words to use in your essay
To say what you think
PERSONALLY - Personally, I don't think you can say that watching TV is a waste of time.
wat mij betreft
IN MY OPINION - In my opinion, as long as we monitor what we watch it can be an important part of our lives.
naar mijn mening

Words to add another argument
FURTHERMORE - This plant has a quiet charm and furthermore, is an easy house plant.
bovendien, verder
MOREOVER - Texting while driving is dangerous.  Moreover, it’s not allowed in our country.

Word to give an opposing argument
HOWEVER - On the river, however, the adventurers seemed to be perfectly safe.
echter, maar

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For or against?

A: 'Going to the cinema is always better
than watching a movie at home.'

B: 'Film stars get paid too much money.'
Sentence A:
Sentence A:
Sentence B:
Sentence B:
We need to support our local cinemas.
You can stop and start when you want.
No one should get that amount of money.
They make the film companies a lot of money.
You can watch it as many times as you want.
Films always look better on a big screen.

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Make exercise 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9.

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