Getting to know eachother

Welcome AG2A
Please take your seat
Put your phone and earbuds in your bag
Grab your laptop

Who are these two people?
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Welcome AG2A
Please take your seat
Put your phone and earbuds in your bag
Grab your laptop

Who are these two people?

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Grab your laptop
Go to
Use the code that's on the board
Log in with your first name

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Storytelling: introductions
Now that you've seen my introduction presentation, it's time for you to create yours.

Pair up with a classmate and follow the steps:
1: Click this link and look for your slide in the online PowerPoint.
2: Think of five things that make you you.
3: Add one thing about summer break.
4: Add pictures or other fun things to your slide.
5: Get ready to introduce yourself in 30 seconds to the class in English.

Don't mess up the order and don't touch other people's slides. Focus on you!

Learning goal: you can use basic English to introduce yourself to others.
1: Use photos from Google and explain what they mean later.
2: Whatsapp personal photos to yourself and copy paste.
3: Don't overthink it, just have fun!

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Today's planning
1st hour: 
  • Getting to know each other
  • Figuring out the class rules

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Slide 6 - Tekstslide

Go to Magister and log in
Go to ELO and click on studiewijzer 
Search for English

You have NO HOMEWORK for English
You only have to study + prepare at home

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Any questions about the studiewijzer?

Slide 8 - Open vraag

Class rules
Class rules make sure everyone feels safe
With rules the teacher can teach and 
students can learn.

What rule(s) would you like to have in English class?
My rules: everyone tries to speak English & 
Laptops are half-closed when not in use - NO gaming!

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What rule(s) do you want to have in our classroom?

Slide 10 - Open vraag

How do you feel about the first English lesson of this year?

Slide 11 - Poll

Do you...
... know our classrules?
... know who your teacher is?
... know your classmates a little 
bit better?

TO DO: bring your workbook AND notebook to class

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