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Welcome to English class!
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Welcome to English class!

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Language Portfolio English Year 3 - 
learning outcomes
You develop and teach meaningful, communicative English language activities & evaluate the learning effect. 
You explain your didactic choices based on relevant and current theories
You promote independent language learning by teaching children how to work with online English resources
You develop knowledge on current topics regarding English at primary level. Your command of the English language in relation to teaching (listening, speaking and vocabulary) is of at least CEFR level B2.

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What's the best thing about teaching English ?

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Language Portfolio - Assignments 
1. Hogeschooltaaltest English B2
2. Speaking exam B2
3. Challenges and benefits of CLIL and scaffolding
4. Children’s book and film: theme lesson
5. Media literacy
6. Lesson plan of a CLIL lesson


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1. Hogeschooltaaltoets Engels
  • Test periods 2 and 4 - 2 chances per year
  • B2 level (80 per cent score)
  • Grammar and vocabulary
  • Online practice tests (from teacher)
  • Paid subscription Hogeschooltaal

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2. Speaking exam
  • face to face exam
  • two candidates and two examiners.
  • duration: 15 minutes
  • What will be tested? Grammar and Vocabulary, Discourse Management, Interactive Communication

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3. CLIL & Scaffolding
Write a short essay on the challenges and benefits of CLIL and scaffolding and add to your Language Portfolio.

Scaffolding = the support a teacher gives their learners to help them understand concepts and language during input tasks and to be able to put their understanding into words during output tasks 

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CLIL is used to...
teach language through content
teach content through language
teach language and content simultaneously
all of the above

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4. Theme lesson: 
children's book and/or film
Use a theme to design your lesson by means of a book, movie or YouTube.
Tip: https://www.intofilm.org/

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5. Media Literacy
21st Century Skills

Write an essay: How can you teach media literacy in the English language classroom?

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6. Design, combine & teach
  • Design a CLIL class (criteria: language objective, content objective, procedural objective (how?)
  • Choose a theme and use the book/movie to work on the theme
  • How are you using scaffolding? (visuals, materials)
  • Can you incorporate media literacy?
  • Add lesson plan, materials and feedback from mentor to Language Portfolio

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