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3Ma/c Holes 
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3Ma/c Holes 

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Guided reading

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Try and read a few chapters a day.
Chapter 22 (page 95)- Chapter 48

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chapter 22 (page 95)
1. How did Zero know Stanley hadn't stolen the shoes?
2. Who was Kate Barlow?

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Chapter 23
1. What person in Stanley's time had stinky feet?
2. Who else in the story is concerned with smelly feet?

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chapter 24
1. What caused Mr Sir's swelling?
2. Why didn't Stanley let Zero dig his hole?

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Chapter 25
We learn that 100 years ago it was not alright to kiss someone in public especially if they were of a different colour.
Kate Barlow fell in love with Sam

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Chapter 27 - click for answers
Why did they call Hector "Zero"? 
  • Because his name was Zeroni
  • Where have we heard the name Zeroni before? 
  • Chapter 7

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chapter 28

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Kate Barlow - click for questions and answers
Where did Kate Barlow live when she returned to the area?
  • In a little log cabin on what used to be the edge of the lake, with two trees by it, possibly the Warden's cabin.
  • Who had married Trout Walker?
  • Linda, a former student of Kate's
  • What killed Kate Barlow?
  • A yellow spotted lizard

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Part 2 begins on page 127: The fact there is a change in the weather is significant as the weather has been consistent up until now. The bad weather seems to be a warning to the boys that something important and possibly bad is going to happen. It not only changes but changes for the worse. 

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Read up until chapter 34
You may stop reading at the bottom of page 151

Remember that the Warden's solution is to  destroy all Zero's records and pretend that he never existed.


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Stanley's diary

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Test your understanding of Part 2

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Well done for getting this far
We will finish the rest of the book before long and look at how to write the review. 

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