International Theme 3 - Environmental Changes Lesson 1

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In deze les zitten 14 slides, met interactieve quizzen en tekstslides.

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In pairs, discuss the question on the previous slide and post your answers

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Key concepts
Climate change: hotter summers, colder winters
Carbon dioxide emissions – from cars, for example
Greenhouse gases – burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil)
Fuel-efficient – modern cars use less petrol than before
Charge/recharge – mobile phones, electric cars

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Discuss in pairs, if the following are good/bad for the environment

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What is a carbon footprint?

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What is a water footprint?

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 Carbon and Water Footprints
1. You are going to work in pairs. Choose Student A and Student B.

2. Open the worksheet (Ecological Footprint) in ItsLearning Planner

3. Each read one of the texts (A -carbon and B - water).
     Answer the questions  for your text

3. Explain your text to your partner using the answers you found.

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Carbon Footprint?

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Water Footprint?

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Carbon Footprint
Water Footprint

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Next time........
we'll think about what YOU can do to reduce your carbon and water footprints!

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