4H3 - Introduction to essay writing

Introduction to writing
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Introduction to writing

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Lesson goals
  • At the end of class, you know the goal of an argumentative essay.
  • At the end of class, you can name the function of each paragraph of an argumentative essay. 
  • At the end of class, you can construct a thesis statement, and you can plan the body of your argumentative essay. 

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What do you think an argumentative essay is?

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Argumentative essay
The goal of an argumentative essay is to convince / to persuade your reader that your opinion on a controversial topic is the correct one. 

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An argumentative essay consists of 5 paragraphs. What do you think is the function of each paragraph?

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5-paragraph essay
1. Introduce the topic and your opinion on it
2. Present first argument in favour of thesis.
3. Present second argument in favour of thesis
4. Present argument against thesis and refute it
5. Summarize your position and arguments

(Paragraph 3 and 4 can be switched around, but only for a good reason!)

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1. Hook / attention grabber
2. Background information
3. Thesis
4. Road map

Body paragraphs 1 +  2
1. Linking word
2. Topic sentence
3. Explanation
4. Examples / details
5. Concluding statement

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Body paragraph 3
1. Linking word (contrast)
2. Topic sentence
(3. Explanation)
4. Refutation
5. Explanation

1. Linking word 
2. Repetition of thesis (in different words)
3. Summary of arguments (in different words)
4. Concluding statement

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  1. Go on the Internet and find an English newspaper article about a topic that interests you, and you have a strong opinion on. 
  2. Read the article carefully to familiarize yourself with the topic.
  3. Formulate one thesis (stelling) that reflects your opinion. 
  4. Copy the URL of your article + your thesis into Class Notebook

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Writing in Class Notebook
As long as we're online, we will use Class Notebook for the writing module.
Go to your personal notebook, and create a new page under 'Homework' titled Essay 1. (You can use the 'Aantekeningen' section to gather notes and feedback) 
1. Copy the URL of your article
2. Write down your thesis 

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What is the topic of your article, and what is your thesis?

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