Welcome to English class! 
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Welcome to English class! 

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Lesson plan
  • 5 min. Introduction
  • 10 min. reading
  • 15 min. grammar explanation
  • 10 min. independent learning
  • 5 min. Evaluation  

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Lesson aim
After this lesson, you should be able to:
> indicate adverbs of place, time, frequency and manner 
> write or speak more vividly about a subject 

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tekst tekst

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Adverbs of place and time
To say where and when something happened
> In Amsterdam, in the shade, in the afternoon, last week, overnight

Adverbs of place and time are put:
At the end of a sentence              > Did you go to university last year?

Remember! P before T (place before time)

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Adverbs of frequency
To say how often we do something.
> always, normally, sometimes, rarely, never, often

Adverbs of frequency are put:
Before the main verb                                           > Do you always get up late on Sundays?
                                                                                      > I usually walk to school.
After 'to be'                                                               > He is always late for class.

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Adverbs of manner
Adverbs of manner describe how you do an action
> well, badly, slowly, fast, easily, happily, carefully, fluently, perfectly

Adverbs of manner are put:
Before another adverb or adjective                          > It's a very expensive e-bike. 
At the end of a sentence                                             > The mechanic works hard 
Before the main verb                                                   > They quietly listened to the teacher. 
But never between a main verb and the object    > They listened to the teacher quietly.

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Schrijf de zinnen op de volgende dia's in de juiste volgorde.

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always - a shower - do you - in the morning - have - ?

Slide 10 - Open vraag

Do you always have a shower in the morning?

Adverb of frequency > before the main verb
Adverb of time > end of the sentence

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dolphin - I have - seen - never - a - .

Slide 12 - Open vraag

I have never seen a dolphin.

Adverb of frequency > before the main verb


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go to - rarely - the theatre - we - .

Slide 14 - Open vraag

We rarely go to the theatre.

Adverb of frequency > before the main verb


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go to work - Christine - this week - didn't - .

Slide 16 - Open vraag

Christine didn't go to work this week

Adverb of place > end of the sentence but before the adverb of time
Adverb of time > end of the sentence, but after the adverb of place 


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speak - I'd like to - fluently - French - .

Slide 18 - Open vraag

I'd like to speak French fluently

Adverb of manner > never between a main verb and the object


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Independent learning
Do: Unit 6 • Lesson 2, all exercises

This is also homework for the 16th of June.

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Do: Unit 6 • Lesson 2, all exercises

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