H3C SS5 Theme 2 E (part II)

Welcome H3C

Week 40 - Lesson 2
Grammar part II
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Welcome H3C

Week 40 - Lesson 2
Grammar part II

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Today's class
At the end of this class I...
  • ... know what prepositions of direction are.
  • ... know at least five prepositions of direction and can use them correctly.

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Homework check: Exercise 13, page 34
  1. Neither have I / Nor have I / I haven't either
  2. So am I
  3. So are mine
  4. Neither do mine / Nor do mine / Mine don't either
  5. So will I (be)
  6. Neither will I / Nor will I

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Warming up/ recap
What do you remember about not...either, so, either, nor?

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Neither Derek ...... Celia have seen the Star Wars movies.

Slide 7 - Quizvraag

I haven't watched the news lately.
...... have we.

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I think it's a waste of time.
___ do I.

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John lives on an isolated French island.
I haven't been camping before.
Marcy is afraid of sheep.
Ann wasn't going to train for the hike.
Maureen has druk a fizzy drink.
My mother doesn't like walking. And your sister?
I'm not going to survive this climb!
We didn't drink enough water! And you two?
Neither have I.
So has Robb.
I'm not going to either!
So do I.
We didn't either.
So is Lucy.
Neither does she.
Nor was Frank.

Slide 10 - Sleepvraag

Grammar 5: Prepositions of direction, page 25

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Geven aan dat je in de richting van iets beweegt:

I walk to school every morning. 
The dog ran after the cat.
The bus is driving towards the city centre.

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Geven aan dat je ergens vandaan beweegt:

They told us to move away from the fire.
Can you take the DVD out of the computer?
I jumped off my bike after the accident

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Geven aan dat jij je ergens voorbij beweegt:

Don't walk across the street when the light is red.
We walked around the lake to get to the other side.
The plane flew over our city.
I walked past your house this morning.
The bird flew through my room.

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Overige veelgebruikte prepositions of direction:
They cycled along the river for hours. 
She always walks alongside her mother.
Rain is pouring down from the sky. 
He disappeared into the crowd of people.
I climbed onto the stage to sing a song.
The bird flew round my head.
You have to climb up  the stairs. 

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Working individually/in pairs
10 minutes
We'll check your answers afterwards.

Do exercise 14 (and 15 if you have time), page 34-36 (Activity book A).

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KEY Exercise 14, page 34
  1. through
  2. over
  3. along
  4. across
  5. through
  6. from
  7. into
  8. to
  9. around
  10. onto

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- Exercise 15, page 35/36

Learn/ study:
- Vocabulary G, page 32
- Prepositions of direction, page 172

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