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Food vlog task
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Food vlog task

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  • Making a food vlog - requirements
  • Watch an example
  • Getting started

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Make your own Food Vlog

The goals for this assignment are:
- You can introduce the dish you are going to prepare
- You can name all the ingredients and amounts
- You can describe all the steps

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General information
You are going to make a cooking/baking video from home.

For this you need to select a recipe for which you need at least 5 ingredients.

You will receive a mark (cijfer) for this vlog.

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-    Explain what you are going to make and why you chose it.
-    Show all the ingredients you have and say what they are.
-    Walk through all the steps in the recipe and make sure you say each step out loud.
-    Show what you’re doing – you really have to cook or bake something.
-    Show the end product.
-    Try to make it fun.
-    You work alone OR in pairs (2 people) Make sure your video lasts 2-3 minutes if you’re alone, or 3-4 minutes for 2 people.
-    Edit the video so it's not too long, maybe add some sound effects.

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Pay attention!
- You are allowed to work together on this assignment with ONE other student from your class.

- Also make sure both of you have equal (evenveel) speaking time!
So, we don't want one of you to be the cook and the other to be the camera person.

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Example video
Now, watch the example video on the next slide. Pay attention to Chris' vlog. Note  down some tips and tops for Chris. You can type them in at the slides after the video.

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Slide 8 - Video

What do you like about Chris' food vlog?
Write down your tops below:

Slide 9 - Open vraag

What could Chris improve?
Write down your tips below:

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Getting started
Search the internet for a recipe you would like to make.
(remember the requirements) -->

Think of the following things:
Can you buy all the ingredients in our supermarkets?
And, is it not too expensive? So, will your parents approve and pay for it? (zullen je ouders het goed vinden en ervoor betalen)?

Deadline for the finished vlog is before class on Monday 27 March
(so you still have 3 full weeks after the vacation)

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Getting started (pt 2)
1. Determine if you want to work with a partner or alone
2. Find a recipe
3. Make a plan (write this down - upload in the next slide)
     When will you film?
     Whose house will you go to?
     Who will buy the groceries?
    Do you need a script for who says what?
4. Who will edit the video? When will you send it in?

Deadline for the finished vlog is before class on Monday 27 March

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Your plan

Slide 13 - Open vraag

Cooking vlog
Deadline for the finished vlog is before class on Monday 27 March

Hand in your vlog in SomToday - if it's too big you can upload it in Stream and enter the link.

Finished your vlog? Send it in and do one of the following tasks:
Quizizz (see board)
Read a comic:

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What have you finished?
What do you still need to finish?

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