Triangle theorems

Bach theorem
Altitude theorem
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Bach theorem
Altitude theorem

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Sketch triangle ABC with:

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Calculate AC in the triangle sketched in previous question.

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The area theorem
In a right-angled triangle, the product
of the 2 right-angled legs is equal to 
the product of the hypothenuse and
its matching heigth.

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Draw 2 different right-angled triangles and draw in al these triangles the matching height to the hypothenuse

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Calculate BE, round to 1 decimal

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The altitude theorem
If the altitude (height) h of an 
right-angled triangle splits the 
hypothenuse in parts p and q,


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Lets proof this one together

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Thales' Theorem
If A, B and C are on the circle 
and AB is the diameter, 
then triangle ABC is a 
right-angled triangle with 

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