Havo 2 Past Simple vs Present Perfect

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When do we use the past simple?

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Finished actions in the past
When you're talking about an action that started and stopped in the past -> before the present time.

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Series of finished actions
First I got up, then I had breakfast....

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Normal verbs get + ED at the end of the word

I walked to school ....
I jumped over a bridge ....

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Irregular verbs
Short verbs consonant-vowel-consonant double consonant
Y -> IED

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Irregular verbs
The second row of the irregular verbs list
Only way to know is to learn by heart!!

I flew to paris

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If a short word has a consonant-vowel-consonant combination
like -> Stop
then the last consonant has to double! (not with w,x,y)
I stopped .....

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Y to ied
If a verb ends with Consonant + Y 
then the Y turns into an IED
TR+Y =

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He (to visit) his grandmother

Slide 10 - Open question

She (to try) her hardest but still failed

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How do we make the Present Perfect?

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A form of "to have" + past participle

I have known him for years

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When do we use it?
Something started in the past, and is still going on

I have known him for years
(I met him 10 years ago and still know him)

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Finished action without a period of time. But the result is still relevant! 

I have been to Tokyo
I have lost my keys

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Irregular verbs! Third row!

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Go - Went - Gone!
Do - Did - Done!

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Time to work!
B Theme words: Do the exercises 10-12 and 14
 Complete A when you haven’t completed them

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