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Past tenses
Past simple
past continuous
past perfect
past perfect continuous
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Past tenses
Past simple
past continuous
past perfect
past perfect continuous

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Past Simple: wanneer?
Wordt gebruikt als iets in het verleden heeft plaats gevonden en is afgerond, het is echt voorbij. Vaak staat in de zin een tijdsbepaling die aangeeft dat het verleden tijd is

I went to Spain last year.
Yesterday I fell off my bike.

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Past Simple: hoe?
bevestigend: ww  + ed (of 2e vorm)
He went to school this morning.
We talked to the teacher last week.
Vragend: did vooraan in de zin en het ww in de tegenwoordige tijd
Did he go to school this morning?
Did you talk to the teacher last week?
Ontkennend: Didn't voor het ww en het ww in de tegenwoordige tijd
He didn't go to school this morning.
We didn't talk to the teachers last week. 

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past simple: last week, yesterday, this morning, 2017, a week ago, 10 years ago etc

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Past Continuous: wanneer?
  • Iets wat op een bepaald moment in het verleden aan de gang was (en van korte duur).
    At 11 o'clock I was still doing my homework.
  • Iets was aan de gang en werd door iets anders onderbroken (past simple).
    Ted was talking when the teacher came in. 
  • Als twee handelingen tegelijkertijd plaatsvinden. 
    My sister was watching TV and I was doing my homework.

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Past Continuous: hoe?
bevestigend: was/were + ww + ing
He was swimming in the pool. 
We were driving in the car. 
Vragend: was/were vooraan in de zin en ww + ing
Was he swimming in the pool?
Were we driving in the car?
Ontkennend: was + not (wasn't) of were + not (weren't) + ww + ing
He wasn't swimming in the pool.
We weren't driving in the car.

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Past Perfect: wanneer?
  • Een handeling voor een andere handeling in het verleden.
    When I arrived, the bus had already left.
  • Als iets op een bepaald moment in het verleden een tijdje duurde.
    When I went to the Pax, I had done primary education for 8 years.
  • Conditional sentences (if-zinnen)
    If she had left earlier, she might have been on time.
  • Indirecte rede.
    "I did not go there." -  She said that she hadn't gone there.

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Past perfect: hoe?
Bevestigend: had + ww + ed (of 3e vorm):
I had worked for 3 hours when you arrived
Vragend: had vooraan in de zin
Had I worked for 3 hours when you arrived?
Ontkennend: hadn't + ww + ed (of 3e vorm)
I hadn't worked for 3 hours when you arrived.

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Past Perfect Continuous: wanneer?

Nadruk ligt op tijdsduur en het is in het verleden gebeurd.

  • I had been waiting when my mom finally came home.
  • We had been trying to open the door for hours when she finally found the key.

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Past perfect continuous: hoe?
Bevestigend: had + been + ww + ing
I had been waiting for a long time when she decided to show up.
Vragend: had vooraan in de zin
Had I been waiting for a long time when she decided to show up?
Ontkennend: hadn't been + ww + ing
I hadn't been waiting for a long time when she decided to show up.

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I was exhausted at the end of the exam. I ________
(write) for over two hours.
was writing
had written
had been writing

Slide 11 - Quiz

Please step out of the car, Mr. Jones. Do you realise you )______
(drive) at over 90mph?
were driving
had driven
had been driving

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I arrived over an hour late to the office and everyone was working. Actually, they _____(work) for over two hours on the new project and I felt really guilty.
have worked
had been working
had worked
were working

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The kitchen was full of steam when we arrived. Joan was in the kitchen and she _____ (cook) a huge meal for everyone at the party.
had cooked
was cooking
had been cooking

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It was a bit embarrassing to arrive at their house and find Mary looking so sad. I think she _____ (cry) before we got there.
had cried
was crying
had been crying

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Before we got home, they ______ (eat).
already ate
were already eating
had already eaten
had already been eating

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A plumber _______(come) to our house yesterday.

Slide 17 - Open question

He ______ (want) to repair our washing machine that _____ (break) a few days before.

Slide 18 - Open question

Before _____ (ring) at my door, he _____ (look) for a parking space for thirty minutes.

Slide 19 - Open question

While the plumber ______ (repair) the washing machine, I ______ (watch) the news.

Slide 20 - Open question

When I ... (walk) down the road I ... (hear) footsteps.

Slide 21 - Open question

We _____ (go) to the cinema last week.

Slide 22 - Open question

When she ... (pass) me, she ... (look) at me.

Slide 23 - Open question

When I ... (arrive) at school I ... (park) my bike.

Slide 24 - Open question

A bird pooed on the window that _____ (clean) only a minute before.

Slide 25 - Open question

There was a man he ... (smoke) a sigaret on the corner.

Slide 26 - Open question

When their mum _____ (get) home, the boys ______ (watch) TV for two hours.

Slide 27 - Open question

I also saw a woman, she ... (walk) a dog.

Slide 28 - Open question

Two months ago I ____ (meet) him for the last time.

Slide 29 - Open question

The teacher (correct) the essays that his students (write).

Slide 30 - Open question

The girls (laugh) at the pictures that they (take) the day before.

Slide 31 - Open question

I ... (turn around) and I ... (look) into the distance.

Slide 32 - Open question

Before we (take) Bob to the theatre, he (never see) a stage play before.

Slide 33 - Open question

I _____ (never drive) since I got my drivers licence.

Slide 34 - Open question

While I ______ (do) the dishes, my brother was working in the garden.

Slide 35 - Open question

How confident are you on the past tenses?

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