VWO 4 Of Course unit 3 lesson 5

VWO 4 - Lesson 3.5

VWO 4 - Unit 3 lesson 1 (a)
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VWO 4 - Lesson 3.5

VWO 4 - Unit 3 lesson 1 (a)

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Testweek. Thursday 18th of January. 
  • Vocabulary + expressions p. 124-131
  • Vocabulary Extra Lesson 2+4 p. 103+116
  • Grammar (pages refer to your reference book)
· Gerund: p. 64
· Future : p. 59
· Simple past ‘used to & would’: p. 56
· simple past + present perfect: p. 56 & 57
· Direct speech and Indirect speech: p. 63
· present perfect continuous: p. 57

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Class work
Grammar: present perfect continuous


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  • Ik herken de present perfect continuous en kan deze toepassen in het Engels. 
  • Ik heb geoefend met schrijven in het Engels. 
  • Ik heb geoefend met de woorden van lesson 3.5.
  • Ik heb geoefend met de expressions van unit 3. 

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Grammar: present perfect continuous
Quick overview

  • have/has + been + werkwoord + ing
  • nadruk op tijd! 

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Make the present perfect continuous:
I ... (work) on this project all afternoon.

Slide 6 - Open question

Follow the link on the next slide and do the exercise to practise the form of the present perfect continuous. 

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Slide 8 - Link

How many sentences did you get right in the previous exercise?

Slide 9 - Open question

Grammar: present perfect continuous
Hoe? - have/has + been + werkwoord + ing 
1. als is in het verleden is begonnen en nog steeds bezig is en de nadruk ligt op tijdsduur: iets duurt al heel lang of de spreker is geïrriteerd. 
2. als je wilt benadrukken dat iets een tijd in het verleden bezig was 

  • We have been playing soccer all afternoon. 
  • I have been waiting for you for over an hour! 
  • He is completely out of breath because he has been running.  
Let op het verschil tussen:
We have been playing soccer since we were twelve. 
We have played soccer since we were twelve. 

De tweede is in dit geval correct, omdat je met de continuous aangeeft dat iets letterlijk al heel lang bezig is en dat is natuurlijk niet wat je hier bedoelt! 

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He ______ football in the courtyard
all afternoon. I thought he would only play for an hour.
has played
has been playing

Slide 11 - Quiz

The weather forecasts had predicted otherwise, but it ______ for
the past two hours. Will it ever stop?
has rained
has been raining

Slide 12 - Quiz

Present perfect simple:
If an action is still going on and we want to express that it is a permanent situation.

James has lived in this town for 10 years. 
(Meaning: He is a permanent resident of this town.)

Present perfect continuous:
For temporary situations, we would prefer the Present Perfect Progressive.

James has been living here for a year.  
(Meaning: This situation is only temporary. Maybe he is an exchange student and only here for one or two years.)


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She _____tennis
since she was a little girl.
has played
has been playing

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She ______ on her drawing
for 3 hours now. I wonder when she will be finished.

have worked
has worked
has been working

Slide 15 - Quiz

I _____ that book you lent me.
I finished it yesterday.
am reading
have been reading
have read
will read

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Bij sommige werkwoorden is het niet gebruikelijk om ze in de continuous te gebruiken. 
The following verbs are usually only used in Present Perfect Simple (not in the continuous form).
  • state: be, have (for possession only)
  • Example: We have been on holiday for two weeks.

  • senses: feel, hear, see, smell, taste, touch
  • Example: He has touched the painting.

  • brain work: believe, know, think, understand
  • Example: I have known him for 3 years.

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Follow the link on the next slide and do the exercise to practise with recognising verbs you should NOT put in continuous form. 

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Slide 19 - Link

How many sentences did you get right in the previous exercise?

Slide 20 - Open question

Present Perfect & Present Perfect Continuous
Snap je dit onderwerp en kun je dit toepassen in een Engelse zin?
Jawel, maar ik wil er nog mee oefenen.
Nee. Ik heb nog meer uitleg nodig.
Ik snap er niks van.

Slide 21 - Quiz

 Online §3.5: 
  • ex 5 (present perfect continuous)
  • ex 2 (writing)
  • ex 6 (expressions) 
  • test jezelf

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Class today
We talked about the present perfect continuous.

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  • Watch grammar video and do extra exercises if you need more practise
  • Practise extra grammar through Versterk Jezelf (when the results of the Test Yourself indicate you should)

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Slide 25 - Video

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