V4 - Past simple and past continuous

Past Simple & Past Continuous
p. 134 and p.158-160
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Past Simple & Past Continuous
p. 134 and p.158-160

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- Past simple
- Past continuous
- When to use which tense

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Past simple
Verb ends in –ed (I walked, they played a game)
Watch out for irregular verbs (p. 58 etc)

Something that happened in the past and is finished
Usually it is clear from the sentence when it happened

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Past Simple
past                  now                future

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Past Simple
Ik heb vorige week Keanu Reeves gezien
I saw Keanu Reeves last week

Nick is gisteren van zijn fiets gevallen
Nick fell from his bike yesterday

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Used to/would
Als iets (een handeling) vroeger regelmatig werd gedaan maar nu niet meer, vaak met het woord ‘vroeger’

Als kind las ik veel, maar nu kijk ik meestal TV
As a child I used to/would read a lot, but nowadays I usually watch TV

Mijn opa rookte vroeger veel, maar hij is gestopt toen hij 50 werd
My granddad used to/would smoke a lot but he quit when he turned 50

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Only used to, not would
Als het om een situatie/toestand in het verleden gaat

Hier stond vroeger een school, maar nu is er een winkelcentrum
There used to be a school here, but now it’s a shopping center

De Twin Towers waren vroeger de hoogste gebouwen van de wereld
The Twin Towers used to be the tallest buildings in the world

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Watch out!
In negative sentences you use didn’t use to

Ik hield vroeger niet van rockmuziek, maar nu wel
I didn’t use to like rock music, but now I do

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Past Continuous
Was/were + verb + ing

I was watching
We were working

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Past Continuous
past           now           future

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Past Continuous 1
Iets was op dat moment in het verleden aan de gang (en van korte duur)

At 10 o’clock last night I was still learning
Rick was sleeping when the teacher shouted at him

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Past Continuous 2
Iets was aan de gang (past continuous) en werd door iets anders onderbroken (simple past)

We were watching TV when we heard a crash
Mike met with an accident when he was cycling home
Were you playing tennis when it started to rain?

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Let's practice!
For the next few slides, write out the sentence with the correct form of the verb filled into the gap. Use the past simple or continuous.

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I ____ (sit) in a cafe when you ____ (call).

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Yesterday I ____ (go) to the supermarket.

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He was so annoying! He ____ (always leave) his things everywhere.

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They ____ (have) dinner when the police ____ (come) to the door.

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Laura ____ (still study) at 10 PM last night.

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While Henry ____ (have) a drink in the bar, his wife ____ (swim) in the sea.

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Unit 2.3 ex. 20 + grammar trainer

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