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Irregular Verb Forms
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Irregular Verb Forms

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Today's Lesson
  • Irregular verbs. Why?
  • Identify irregular verbs in a pixar short (you'll be given a hand-out for this)
  • Pair assignment (use the hand-out for this assignment)
  • Extra: irregular verb memory game

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Aims of Today's Lesson
By the end of this lesson you'll be able to/can identify:
  • At least 17 different irregular verb forms and use their present(base form)/past simple/past partciple forms in a sentence
  • Turn a present simple(base form) into a past simple and past participle form, using one of the 18 irregular verb forms that will appear in the lesson
  • Comprehend in what manner irregular verbs appear in real life material; for example, song lyrics

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Feedback Friday
Nice lesson, but not enough time for preparing the presentation.
Nice lesson, but not enough time for the presentation.
Try to give more people turns to give the answer.
Give a little more explanation of what we need to do (and some more time to create the presentation.)

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Honourable Mentions
Zus van Loïs
Zus - Loïs
Ilona and Tamara

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Irregular Verbs

  • Irregular verbs are like sloths

  • Why are they like sloths?

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Irregular Verbs

  • Why do these sloth verbs exist? Why can't they be regular?

  • Which irregular verb is the King of Sloths?
Old English

Middle English
Early Modern English
Modern English
To Say

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To be

Present tense:                          Past (present/past perfect) tense:

am                                                                            was
is                                                                              were
are                                             (have/has/had) been

Irregular Verbs
The King of Sloths:

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Regular/Irregular Verbs
Base form                 Past Simple            Past Participle

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Irregular Verbs
Past Participles
                                   Sat and sat?

What the bl**p is the difference?

I sat on the chair

Past Simple or Past Participle?

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Irregular Verbs
Past Participle
I have sat on the chair (Present perfect)
I had sat on the chair  (Past perfect)
The verb is a past participle if a form of to have appears in the sentence along with a regular/irregular verb in the past tense

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Irregular Verbs
Another Example:
I sing with unicorns
(sing: base/present simple)

I sang with unicorns
(sang: past simple)

I have sung with unicorns  
(sung: past participle in the present perfect)

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Irregular Verbs: Assignment 1  (10/20 minutes)
  • Work in pairs to identify ALL the verbs in the song (use the hand-out write your name on the hand-out; you're not allowed to use your books or google!)

  • There are over 50 irregular verbs in the song; ignore the regular verbs

  • There are 17 DIFFERENT types of verbs in total, that means that of the 50+ verbs some verbs appear more than once, identify (underline) them all;

  • Write down if they're base forms, past simple forms or past partciples!*

  • The goal of the assignment is to recognise and identify the irregular verbs (base form/past simple/past participle) in a real English song lyric!

  • Too easy? Done super fast? (See next slide)

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Irregular Verbs: Assignment 2  (10 minutes)
If you have identified all of the verbs, and named them, then, to test yourself, change them!

Do this for all of the 17 irregular verbs in the text (you can skip doubles!)

Original text:
There was a volcano  = past simple

For example:
There is a volcano = to be (base form/present simple)
There was a volcano = Past Simple
There has been a volcano = Past Participle (present perfect)

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Irregular Verbs: Assignment 1  (10/20 minutes)
For example:

There was a volcano

Underline: was
Identify: was = past simple, irregular verb form

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Irregular verb sentences:
Hand the assignment back in at the end of the lesson
Also, the sentences you made for assignment 2!!

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Extra: Memory Game

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  • Collect hand-outs to check comprehension
  • Collect hand-outs to check individual comprehension
  • Collect hand-outs to check whether or not the assignment was too hard/easy
  • Collect hand-outs to determine what needs to be adapted/changed 

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