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On the ball
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On the ball

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  • Last time? 
  • Past simple recap
  •   New lesson on expressions
  • Let's try

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Last week

  • I talked about the present simple and the present continuous, and the irregular verbs.
  • I wanted to talk about past simple and present perfectBut there was no time.
  • So let's repeat that now

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The past simple

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Present Perfect
Stap 1: have of has 
he/she/it krijgt has
de rest krijgt have
Stap 2: Voltooid deelwoord ww+ED of  derde uit het rijtje

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New! Lesson 4: expressions
Expressions over
  1. afspraken maken over bezoek
  2. iemand uitnodigen of reageren op uitnodiging
  3. iemand beschrijven 

page 15 of textbook!

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New! Lesson 4: expressions
First: listening exercise: listen to the text and read along on page 14 of your textbook. 

Second: we'll repeat  text and make exercise 32 on page 13 of workbook

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Practicing expressions
  •  Work in pairs and speak English!
  • First person thinks of a person in the classroom 
  • Second person asks questions about what that persons looks like (What colour hair does he have? Does she wear glasses?)
  • When second person has the answer, switch roles.
  • 10 minutes: ik loop rond om mee te luisteren

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Make exercise 37 on page 14 of workbook
make exercise 39 and 41 on page 15 of workbook

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