Lesson 30 (future tenses)

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Young farmer
    At the age of four, Gavin Clark knew the names of his neighbour's cows. When he was ten, he started to sell milk and cheese to other neighbours, and won prizes at farm shows. Now, at thirteen, he still loves farming and has his own animals. Presents for Gavin are not a problem – every year he gets another animal from his parents and brother.
    Gavin's father, Steven, works for an international company and travels all over the world. Gavin often visits exciting places in Europe with his father. But he is much happier spending each weekend working on his neighbour's farm! Steven's company wanted him to move to Portugal with the family. Everyone liked the idea of living in a new country – but not Gavin! He said he wouldn't leave his animals!
    In his free time, Gavin plays tennis and football. He goes out with his friends and enjoys computer games, just like other teenagers. But every morning, he gets up at half past five to give his animals food and water, before he goes to school. His parents want him to go to college and get a diploma when he is sixteen. 'Let's wait and see,' he says, 'because I will have my own farm by then!'
1) True 2) False 3) Not stated
  1. Gavin's family never know what presents to give him.
  2. Steven enjoys working in different countries.
  3. On Saturdays and Sundays, Gavin has a job near his home.
  4. Gavin didn't agree with his parents about moving to Portugal.
  5. Gavin is too busy with his animals to have any other hobbies.
  6. Gavin’s parents get up at the same time as Gavin in the morning.

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