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Today's goals
Recap grammar

Practice test

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Tomorrow's test
  • Words unit 5
  • Grammar:
- relative clauses (p. 75)
- present simple, present continuous & future (p. 79 & 89)
- possessive pronouns

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Relative clauses

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Relative clauses (betrekkelijke bijzinnen)
Jason, who lives next door, has just turned 18.  
The chair, which is over there, is broken
Cycling is something that I have to do every day. 
That is the girl, whose dad is rich.
About whom are you talking?

Who, which & that give extra information

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Relative clauses (betrekkelijke bijzinnen)
When do we use which?

who: personen
which: dingen/dieren
that: dingen/dieren (informeler)
whose: van wie/wiens
whom: over wie/met wie (about whom, with whom)

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Present simple, present continuous & future

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He / she / it + s
My flight departs in 15 minutes.

To be + werkwoord + ing
I am meeting my friend now

My flight departs in 15 minutes.

NU bezig

I am meeting my friend now

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Present Simple / Present Continuous
Present Simple
Present Continuous
Als iets een feit of gewoonte is.
Als iets nu bezig is.
To be + ww + ing
I always play tennis on Fridays.
I am playing tennis right now.

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Future tenses
Present Simple 
er is sprake van een vast schema
the bus leaves in 5 minutes
he/she/it + ww + s
Present Continuous
in de nabije toekomst, tijd & plaats staat vast
we are leaving in 5 minutes
am/is/are + ww+-ing
To be going to 
plannen voor in de toekomst
voorspellingen met bewijs
I am going to clean my room today
am/is/are + going to + ww
beloftes / iets aanbieden/ voorspellingen zonder bewijs
I will not tell anyone
Shall/will (not) + ww

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Practice test
Use this time to practice so you know what you need to focus on!

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