Week 13-Les 2

Unit 5 - Orders are Orders
Week 13
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Unit 5 - Orders are Orders
Week 13

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Unit 5: Check exercise 10 
Exercise 12, 15, 18

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Exercise 10

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Exercise 10

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Exercise 11 - Delivery note

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Exercise 18
What: Listen to the conversation, then translate the sentences using words and phrases from the dialogue

How: Make notes while you are listening, then translate the sentences

Finished: exercise 12: complete the delivery note with the information given 

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Exercise 18
1. I’m sorry, madam, I can’t say on the telephone.
2. I think that you’d better come to the shop.
3. Can you come to this department right away?
4. We are having / We have a slight problem with a few customers here.
5. Madam, would you mind going over to my colleague at cash-desk 6?  Thank you.
6. So if I understand you correctly, the saleswoman / salesgirl wouldn’t listen to you.
7. We never sell anything out of the window, sir. I’m sorry, but that is our policy.
8. Obviously, this one is more expensive than all usual brands.
9. And what exactly do you want / intend to use it for, madam?
10. Can you check how many of those radios we have in stock?
      Can you check the stock position on those radios?

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Exercise 15
What: Translate the sentences you receive in your group (A ,B ,C, D)

1. In groups of four. Everyone in your group should know the sentences. 
2. After 8 minutes, you are going to form a group with A, B, C and D. 
3. A starts by giving the translation of the first sentences > the rest of the group writes these sentences down (in workbook).
4. B then continues and so on.

Finished? : exercise 12


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Exercise 15
  1. You get two years’ guarantee / a two-year guarantee on all checkout equipment.
2 The guarantee is invalidated if the product is misused.
3 The guarantee does not cover glass parts / components.
4 Our service department can be reached 24/7 / is available 24/7.
5 Our after-sales service is free of charge during the first six months.
6 The guarantee is invalidated if you attempt to repair the product yourself.
7 Keep your sales slip with your guarantee card.
8 I am afraid that your guarantee expired a few months ago.
9 You can order parts straight / directly from the manufacturer.
10 Complete the guarantee card and return it as soon as possible in the enclosed, addressed

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Finish exercise 4, 6, 7, 12, 15, 18 

Study the sentences from exercise 4, 6, 15 and 18

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