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Planning  I Wednesday the 6th of September.
- Recap
- will, shall and going to. 

Goal: After today you will know the difference between will, shall and going to. 

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Check exercise 7 page 15

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's / ' / of 
1) (doctors + handwriting) ________________ is usually bad. 
2 (houses + Brabant) The ____________ are old and worn. 
3) (end + bed) The _____________ is made out of wood. 
4) (Edward + skin) ______________ is turning blue.
5) (girls + ideas) We don't like these ___________, they're against our policy.   

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Future will, shall and to be going to
Possessive and interrogative pronouns
Present simple 
He walks through the park
 Do you walk through the park?
She doesn't walk through the park.
's / '/ of
John's box 
the children's box 
the  boys' box

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Can you translate them?
Ik zal morgen starten.

Zullen we morgen beginnen?

Zal ik wat muziek spelen?

U zult niet passeren! 

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Ik zal morgen starten.
I will start tomorrow. / I'll start tomorrow.
Zullen we morgen beginnen?
Shall we start tomorrow?
Zal ik wat muziek spelen?
Shall I play some music?
U zult niet passeren! 
You shall not pass!

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Will and shall 
If you decide something suddenly in the moment. 
Something you're going to do in te future. 

Shall I carry those bags for you?
I'll go ask her out. 
We'll play defensive, It'll force them to pick a different strategy. 

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Will and shall 
Will and shall --> suddenly in the moment or a prediction  based on facts. 

To be going to --> Something planned up ahead or a prediction based on feelings or sense. 

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To be going to + infinitive 
I am going to + watch .....the stars tonight. 
You are going to be late if you don't hurry. 

  1. I _____________ (ask) her name. 
  2. ______you ________(visit) him tonight?
  3. The weather _____________(not + be) great this weekend. 
(korte ww)

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Will, shall and going to

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Do Exercises 13, 14 and 15 and 35
on pages 20,21, 22 and 35

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