Chapter 5 - paragraph 4

Environmental Issues in China
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Environmental Issues in China

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- Smog
- Water shortages
- Groundwater exhaustion

Describing the causes and consequences of China's environmental issues

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How does urbanization lead to Smog?

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Urbanization and environmental issues
The high urbanization rate, also leads to environmental issues like smog. 

  • increasing use of cars
  • increasing use of elektricity ( a lot of the elektricity is produced using coal)
  • increasing use of gas etc. 

However, there are two other environmental issues in China. We will discuss those next week. 

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Look at the map. 
Take a moment to think about what stands out to you.

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Urbanization and environmental issues
The high urbanization rate also leads to water shortages:
  • Water consumption has increased due to growing prosperity. 

"More people can afford to live in the cities, make more money --> eat more meat"

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Apart from the high urbanization rate, water shortages are also caused by...
… Water storage/storage dams
… The decreasing amount of water on earth
… People using the rivers as their bathroom
… Toxic waste and chemicals dumped in the river

Slide 7 - Quizvraag

Water shortage
Water shortage is caused by:
- High urbanization rate. 

But also: 
- Storage dams
- Factories, dumping toxic waste and chemicals in the rivers. 

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Water storage
In the next slide you will watch a video about the three gorges dam in China. 
While watching, write down the pros and cons of this dam.

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Slide 10 - Video

Because of the running out of surface water, China is using more ground water. Why is this troublesome?

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