Chapter 2 - D: Speaking & Stones

Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

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What do you need this lesson?

- Your textbook
- Your workbook
- Your notebook
- A pen

- Smartphone (on quiet)
- Earbuds/headphones
- Food/drinks (this means water as well)
- Gum
* Bags on the floor

- Jackets/Coats

On your desk:
In your bag (not pockets):
In your locker:

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What do you always have to do?

  • Always take a notebook with you to class. 
  • Write down the grammar rules in your notebook.
  • Write other important stuff in your notebook.

No notebook (or an empty one) means that you've forgotten your work.

Create a vocabulary list at the end of your notebook. This broadens your vocabulary and help you remember more. 
Take Notes!
Vocabulary list
Always do your homework + don't forget to bring your homework, books, pen and notebook with you.

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Learning goals
  •  I can describe what happened at a crime scene in English;
  • I can discuss this with a classmate;
  • I know how to present a news item;

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23a. Stone
23 On your own:
  • Read Stone 3. Listen to the stone and repeat the sentences out loud.

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23c. Stone
On your own:
  • Look at the pictures. Find a sentence from Stone 3 that fits the picture. 

In pairs:
  • Tell your classmate which sentence you chose.

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24. Find out the meaning
On your own:
  • Read the Theme words.
  • Fill in the correct Dutch translations of the words.

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25a. Put in the correct order
On your own:
Read the sentences and put them in the correct order.

In pairs:
Then, discuss your answers with a classmate.

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26. Act out
  • In pairs:
You are at a music festival with your friends. Someone stole your mobile phone from your pocket. Work with a classmate. Student A is the victim, Student B the police officer.

  • Use the keywords

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27. Describe the criminal
  • In a group:
  1. Work with two/three classmates. 
  2. You are going to describe a criminal. Look at the line-up of criminals at the police station. 
  3. Choose one criminal and describe this person. 
  4. Mention at least four characteristics.

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Strategy - Filler words
Filler words are words that are often meaningless. Filler words cover up pauses in our speaking and help conversations continue smoothly. Without these words, conversations could seem a bit odd and abrupt.

Frequently used filler words are: er, um, well, oh, so you know, I mean.

Can you think of more?

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28d. Describe the criminal
  • Work with a classmate. Prepare a short conversation where you use as many filler words as possible. You can talk about anything you want; your hobby, your plans for the weekend, etc.

Record your conversation. Listen to your recording to see which filler words you used.

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Present a News Item
By yourself
30 seconds per video
3 minutes of talking
PowerPoint presentation
2 students per lesson
Explanation and roster will be in Magister
See example:

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What have you learned?
  •  I can describe what happened at a crime scene in English;
  • I can discuss this with a classmate;
  • I know how to present a news item;

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Next Lesson (Homework)
Finish paragraph 4 (exercises 22 till 28)

First 2 students will present the news item.

Page 100+101
Theme words: committing a crime and in a courtroom + 
Vocabulary A + C

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