Unit 9 , Chapter 1 Meetings

Good Morning
Unit 9 
Organising Meetings 
Chapter 1 
Meetings and Events
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Good Morning
Unit 9 
Organising Meetings 
Chapter 1 
Meetings and Events

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Chapter overview
In this chapter, you will learn about different types of meetings and process of organising events.

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Learning Objectives
1 . We will learn the meaning and types of Meetings
2. We will also learn why meetings are important 

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What do you mean by Meetings ?

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Meaning of Meetings
Meetings are group of people coming together to discuss or decide on some matters. It is a good way to :
Create ideas
Plan work

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How can we make meeting effective ?

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Why are meetings planned ?
To create ideas
To plan
To stay updated
All of the above

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Find and write types of meetings

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Types of Meeting 
1. Kick-off Meeting 
2.  Routine Meetings 
3. One-to-one Meetings
4. Decision making meeting
5.  Problem solving meetings
6. Team building meetings
7. Training meetings 

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Write types of meeting you learnt

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Which one is the type of meetings ?
Problem solving

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Coursebook activity
Please open CB page 10 to understand types of meetings

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